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29 November 2010

Lich King attempt this week

This post is primarily for Arozcaldo and Death's Head members, plus regular ring-ins.  However, if you wish to be considered as a reserve, please whisper/in game mail Foolich on Alliance Caelestrasz.

Sindragosa is dead.  How I ended up with a lockout that required me to down Marrowgar again, but allowed to move directly to Sindragosa is somewhat confusing.

Due to in part running with Death's Head guild and swapping players back and forth, and some weirdness with lockouts extended over patches, we now only have Lich King standing. We have only a week to down him.  Some of us (notably me) have never seen the fight.

Order will be :

Requirements for attendance:
  • Have read up or watched at least two sources for the Lich King fight.  WowWiki and Tankspot are suffiicient.
  • Fully Enchanted and Gemmed.  You will be checked to see if you are a Bimbo.  If you have financial difficulties, please let me know.
  • Epics.  We are not going to be entirely undergeared.  If you see a shiny on the AH or on a recipee book, and need financial assistance, talk to me.
  • Be prepared to wipe.  It will happen.  Lots.  Morale is important.  Quiet desperation is permitted.  Whispering to a GM (between pulls)  - either Deaths head's or me, is permitted. Public ranting at other players is not.
  • 2 Tanks, 3 Healers, 5 DPS.  I will be one of the tanks. 
  • All healers will have a healing library addon - Vuhdo, Healbot, Grid all include one.  Other addons are fine as long as I see what heals are incoming.
  • Attend at least one briefing session / attempt during the week.
  • Bring personal buffs including flask, potions, and any other consumable.  For Saturday night assume at least 20 attempts.

Being a Lich King attempt, there is a possibility I may ask you to be a reserve, even if you meet all the above requirements.

Raid times:
I normally only raid Saturday nights.  This week I will make an  exception.  I want to have training attempts during the week.  I will only be available for a few attempts each night, but I  deem those attempts to be worth it.  During the week we will discuss strategy, review gear, and make a few attempts, generally starting 8:30 - 9 pm server time for about an hour.

Saturday night attempts
Logged on your raiding toon by 8:30 unless you have specifically confirmed an alternative login time.  You may be asked to be a reserve.  

Loot Rules.  Master looter:  For what it is worth.  In two weeks you will not care.
  • Need if you need, but you will lose a roll to someone who has won less than you.
  • Greed if you want

I am breaking a personal rule, doing 3 ICC bosses out of order.  For the record, the bosses I personally have left to kill - out of the entire expansion, are:

    I wanted a full set, completing Nax roughly Jan 10, progressing at my own pace, in order, raiding once a week (sometimes twice).  I will not get that this expansion, but will get a full set for Cata.

    This post is also a static page.

    I have stepped into ICC 10 a grand total of 8 times as of update.  I hope to down Lich King before Cataclysm

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