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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

If you want to play a game where gathering and crafting is the cornerstone of the economy, and are not faint of heart, I recommend EVE Online. EVE even has releases purely to support industry. You can play for free if you are good enough manufacturer or trader.

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28 February 2012

That wasn't polished

I have cut back a little on my WoW time, with a post real soon (tm) about where I am still making my gold.

Today's post, however is a whine and cheese post.  That wasn't polished - and no I wasn't talking about that last boss fight.  There are currently so many ungemmed, unenchanted pugs for DS10.

I generally only raid Friday(or possibly Saturday) nights.  We can now one shot bosses 1-4, and don't have too much difficulty on Ultraxian.  I still get nervous on Zonozz, and die to Ultraxian trash.  I like struggling on fights, for me it means I am in the right place.  Which I suppose means that out of the first 4, I prefer Zonozz.  And even more than that; I would rather spend an evening wiping on Spine than farming the first 4 or 5 (I've seen both Spine and Madness once but didnt down it on either occasion - both times pugging for a guild I have some association with).

LFR isn't raiding.  It's a glorified wrath heroic dungeon; good for valor points and a bit of ordinary gear.

Due to a re-organisation with a couple of allied guilds (Two tankards split amicably with a tank going one way; one DPS moved countries and another DPS joined yet another guild; Pratorean Guard decided they wanted to raid as a guild Friday nights too - and picked up one of the Two Tankard's DPS).  This left me down about 5 raiders.

For me - the best way of recruiting is simply to raid.  Organise tanks and healers and DPS come. No one ever waits for DPS (well wrong but more on that later).  I am picking up players that are obviously available and on my server, and are currently free.

Getting players for a fresh run Friday 8:30 pm server is easy.  When short, I have in the past encouraged players to either pick up their tank or healer toons - no more than 3 or 4 times a night (or fight or minute depending on my desperation).  When that doesn't work I resort to pure bribery.

I organise my tanks, healers and what DPS I can ahead of time, and advertise in trade for the rest.  When I first started DS, all players were gemmed and chanted.   They might have missed one or two, but are generally fine.  Now for F crying out loud S, get some enchants will you?  If it's 346 or 359, it had better well be enchanted and gemmed if you want me to carry your lazy backside through Ultraxian.  I can also get away with my apparently elitist attitude at Friday 8:30.

For regulars, I really don't mind helping out.  If you raid with me and do your best in the raid; I am happy to help out at other times.  I bring feasts and cauldrons because they save time in the raid and help other players.  I have loaned or given players: gear, gems & enchants.  It's only gold and I have enough of that.  What I need is competent players to help me kill pixelated dragons.

The last couple of weeks I have fresh farmed the first bosses on Friday nights, and extended Saturday.  Gathering 10 players for Saturday has been more of a challenge.  DPS apparently want fresh runs for gear and don't want to be saved to a single boss (or even worse? be on a learning night).  What's even worse is when I have people in the both the far east and far west raiding; the Easteners fade about 10pm (or 1am their time), but the for the Westerners, it is still only 7pm.  As it was nearly time for a couple to log, and I needed to pug some anyway, I called for players to bail if they wanted to.  I was left with 2 tanks, 3 healers and a melee DPS.

Check friends lists; they are already raiding.  Check guild - either logging off (westerners) or not able (new toons).  Ask in raid (nope).  Ask in friendly guilds (already have taken everyone they can recommend).  Ask in trade.

Last Saturday at 10:30
/1 LFM DPS DS10 Warmaster Blackhorn

I was met with silence.  Not even any trolls on.

A few minutes later, 
Some idle trade chatter, then

Tank LF DS10  (I am already full on tanks - and neither of us have DPS specs yet)
Healer LF DS10 (I'm in a 10 man raid and I already have 4 healers - sent one off to wear DPS gear).

I ask them both if they have DPS specs but, like me, they don't.

I 'joke' in trade that the night I need DPS, I find tanks and healers, with no DPS to be found.  I then get whispered that there are DPS around, but they want a fresh run.

I have gold.  I don't have enough players.  This generally works for tanks and healers.
So I respond /1 LFM DPS DS10 Warmaster Blackhorn; paying 500g (1/2 now; 1/2 at end of evening)
I get a bite, and invite the toon to raid.  Now, because of some bad experiences, I have a few players standing buy to inspect new players.  This toon is almost entirely ungemmed and unenchanted.  For .. crying out loud.  Sorry mate.  But but I'm now saved and you wont let me try the boss.  No; you are not saved until you kill a boss.  But but but.  No.

I also see
(Bob*) Melee DPS  LF DS10 fresh run
(Jane*) Melee DPS LF DS10 fresh run

(* Names have been changed to protect the guilty)

So I try 
/1 LFM DPS DS10 Warmaster Blackhorn; must be gemmed and enchanted; paying 800g (1/2 now; 1/2 at the end of evening)

I am sure I spent more time finding players Saturday night than I did raiding.  Grrr.  Rejected a couple of players for lack of large numbers of gems or enchants.

I finally am able to fill spots with DPS.  All Melee.  I am not kidding; So so many of the DPS that were on were rogues and warriors.

Again I try
/1 LFM *Ranged* DPS DS10 Warmaster Blackhorn; must be gemmed and enchanted; paying 1000g (1/2 now; 1/2 at the end of evening)

I'm starting to have doubts about Gevlon's advice; I'm paying peanut plantations (well probably 500g/hour) and well, ...still not enough polish.  Some players who know me have claimed that I wouldn't care if they were in questing greens as long as they had their enchants and all possible gem slots.  It's an exaggeration I tell you - I hope.

I have met a lot of great players as trade pickups.  Some I see just once or twice; others I keep for longer. I would like to keep more of them on my runs - but often the better players are filling in because they missed a regular spot.  That's OK - it happens.

However, if you are free on a Friday night on Caelstrasz Alliance server (Australian Eastern time), (or maybe even the odd Saturday night) and would like a run that is more about progressing casually than farming, let me know.  Send an in game mail to Foolich.  Both regulars and casuals are welcome.

Just be gemmed, enchanted, and if I dare hope - have potions too?

23 February 2012

Woe is me; my auctions are undercut. But...

Well, ... my gems are at any case.

Recently there has been a flood of cheap gems; I've noticed it; The gold queen thinks it might be to hacks. While not discounting the possibility of hacked gems (I came accross my own suspicious gem deal), I am not so sure.

Who buys gems?  Main toons getting new gear. Just because I have my keep my (healer) alt ready to go with even a few epic cata gems; does not mean that Joe Average gems his alts.  I am starting to see a few ungemmed or unenchanted toons offer to join my pugs (I am current recruiting DPS), claiming to have DS10 experience on their alts.

What do mains not buy? Glyphs - they already have them.

So, what does Joe Average buy for his alts?  Cheap glyphs, and Epic BOE's. 

Trinkets are my BOE sale of choice, but I gave up on them when 4.3 dropped; a surplus of trinkets; all better than most Darkmoon cards.I wasn't the only one.  For a few Darkmoon cycles, you couldn't give some trinkets away.  I was starting to unload my unused cards.

Then I had another look.  I do this every month or so on the markets I have abandoned, and just re-check prices.  There were no trinkets for sale.  Zip; Nada; none.

Whenever there are none for sale, I try to sell at overinflated prices.  My trinkets sold quickly. I crafted some more; and I am currently getting prices (on everything but Volcano) higher than I did during 4.2.

I am again selling Darkmoon cards.

Glyphs have also raised in prices.  There were 3 sellers (not including me); keeping prices about 20g each.  I bailed out as I was having much better Gold per hour from gems. 

Currently there is one seller (where did the other two go?), selling many 100-200g glyphs.  I have posted a few glyphs to try the market out.  

The biggest advantage to having multiple tradeskills maxed is that if one market crashes; you can diversify easily.  When gold making gets tough, keep an eye on those older forgotten toons and their tradekskills.

11 February 2012

Successfully cursing

Last post, I had a problem with transferring addon settings between PC's; using the curse premium client.

I think I have solved my problem; and I tried a few different options.

Now, the addon settings (on my XP pc at least) are in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\AccountId; with one folder per game account you have.  (Our household has 3 different WoW players, so many of the PC's have 3 different folders).

Also; both backing up and restoring WoW files are best done when not in WoW.

Option 1: Brute force and massive ignorance.  Zip up the WTF\Account\AccountId on the source machine; and mail it to yourself.  Mail often has a limit of 10MB; but my zipped up file comes to about 8M.  When restoring it; rename the existing AccountId, and unzip the mailed version.  This also works well with any file moving method; whether it is a thumb drive or an internet drop box.

Option 2, using the curse premium client.  I did something very similar to the above option, but also (for completness sake) moved the C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons folder to one side as well, only keeping the addons that started with Blizzard_; then restored all the addons as well as their data files.  In reaility this is nearly the same as Option 1, but uses Curse as a dropbox.