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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

If you want to play a game where gathering and crafting is the cornerstone of the economy, and are not faint of heart, I recommend EVE Online. EVE even has releases purely to support industry. You can play for free if you are good enough manufacturer or trader.

Be the builder in a villainous world.

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29 May 2010

Leatherworker 375 - 450 on the cheap - updated

I now have all the tradeskills at 450, thanks to reaching level 65 on my shammy Foostorm.  Having been 375 for too long it was nice to get there.  I expect that getting from 375 on these two professions will end up costing me 1000g, and I may possibly break even. This post is about my leatherworking levelling.  There will be a post on Blacksmith soon.

Fur linings giving me +76 spellpower.

I spent roughly 5000g for LW ( I leveled Blacksmith on my toon and spent 11,500 between them).
The mats were relativly cheap, but the high end recipees are expensive (in arctic furs).

According to auctioneer, the value of LW items is 5,700g.  I expect to sell this for about 5,000g, as I dont expect that all of the items will sell at market price.

What I have:

What Quantity Skill Level Market Each Total Market
Arctic Boots 2 370 16 32
Nerubian Legguards 4 370 12 48
Frostcale Chestguard 1 375 33 33
Nerubian Belt 5 375 21 105
Cloak of Harsh Winds 7 380 85 595
Nerubian Shoulders 2 380 14 28
Dark Iceborne leggings 9 395 23 207
Heavy Borean Armor kit 2 395 50 100
Nerubian Leg Armour 2 400 37 74
Jormungar leg armour 8 405 108 864
Virulent Spaulders 3 420 131 393
Nightshock Girdle 2 420 59 118
Durable Nerubhide Cape 2 440 317 634
Ice strikers cloak 2 440 370 740
Windripper Boots 2 440 270 540
Trollwoven Girdle 2 440 346 692
Revenants breastplate 2 440 270 540
Total 57


The columns above include what I made and still have while levelling, the number of items left, the skill level required, the expected sale price per item and the total expected sale price.  The numbers change from server to server, and week to week.  Use lil-sparky to get the best numbers for your server as opposed to my list.

I will sell items for roughly this amount, but will probably need to disenchant the odd item.  

The addons I used for this levelling were:
  • Auctioneer - This addon lets you see the average prices of items on the AH.  It also assists in my buying and selling of items on the auction house.
  • Lil Sparky's workshop - This addon uses Auctioneer prices, and lets you know the expected cost and sale price of anything you can make.
  • Ackis Recipee List - This addon lets you know what recipees you are missing, and where to get them.

    Use Auctioneer to get prices from the auction house.  It is best to do this several times at least. There are two ways to do a scan.  In the image below the >> button does a quick scan, but may disconnect you on a slow connection.  The Scan button works page by page, is much slower, and may occaisionally miss an item, but will consistently work

    Use Lil Sparky's workshop to suggest what to craft, i.e. at a profit.  If the recipee name is Orange, it is guaranteed to grant a level, Yellow is likely to grant a level, and Green might grant a level.  Grey recipees don't grant levels.  It also tells you how much something should cost to make (left hand column), and an expected sell price (right hand column).  If you want more detail, hover your mouse over the gold amounts.

    That said, some things are likely to have over-inflated prices from auctioneer  (like frost gear), and others are likely to sell better (armor kits).

    I managed mostly to keep to orange recipees with a good chance of profit

    I also made Heavy Borean Leather, and the fur linings when ever I could.

    There are times that I wanted to find new recipees - that is where Ackis Recipee list came in, showing me what other recipees are available, and where to get it.
     The futher out of the way a recipee is, the less likely it is to be made and put on the AH.  Rare recipee genearlly eqauls better profits.

    edit: this post was originally posted without the images to rush some information to a guildy.

    19 May 2010

    New remote auction house - yawn

    Is there a limit to the number of transactions (purchases and sales) I can make?
    Yes. In order to help prevent abuse of this service, there will be a system in place to limit the total number of Auction House transactions (including bids, buyouts, and creating auctions) that a single World of Warcraft account can perform through World of Warcraft Remote each day. For the purposes of the beta test, the limit is set to 25 transactions per day per World of Warcraft account. When the Remote Auction House beta test ends and the live World of Warcraft Remote service launches, we plan to increase the limit to 200 transactions per day (with a World of Warcraft Remote subscription), though this limit is subject to change. Our goal with this system is to ensure that most players who are using the service will not reach the limit, and we will be continuously monitoring how the service is used and making adjustments to the system as needed.
    Rofl.  200 transactions per day, for $3 / month?  Oh well, if I can use it to collect gold it will be a start.  Up to date pricing outside of WOW may be useful.

    There are two sets of players: Those that don't care about the auction house, and those that use it hard.  Those that don't care will largely not pay $3/month.  Those that use it hard post more than 200 transactions/day.  While Blizzard generally have a clue, I am trying to work out who will use this for posting auctions.  I just don't see this being a 'sparkly mount' in terms of popularity.

    18 May 2010

    Glyph war declared on Caelestrasz, and truce offered

    In a recent post about gems, I stated I was making a glyph play.  It has begun, a little before I was ready but oh well.  My inscriptionist (foofixit) has every inscription recipee.

    Glyph strategy 1 was posting 2 of every glyph for between 6-12g, using QA3 (quick auctions 3) on a 48 hour cycle, restocking glyphs on the weekend using a a mix of buying cheap ink's of the sea, and milling where necessary (I hate milling).  I don't cancel glyphs.  This was pulling an income of about 100g/day

    This evolved slowly into keeping 8 posting 8 glyphs of type, with the profit moving up to about 300g/day.  It is not bad, and largely AFK posting auctions and collection mail.

    He has been busily buying cheap northrend herbs (25 silver/basic, 40s/expensive), and milling them (with the help of a fellow guild herbalist - needlestick), buying cheap ink of the sea, and then creating 20 of each type of glyph.  At this price, setting Ink of the sea at 1g50s each, and Snowfall at 10g each, I am making between 40% and 50% profit by milling.

    I made an assault with a wall of 8 glyphs, at 2g10.  At this price, I am breaking even on the glyphs, but still making money on the inks.  This is great, and I sold a lot of glyphs.  Too many.  As I write this post, I have spent the evening restocking glyphs.  Time is money.  By spending this much time, I have not been able to do work on an upcoming post (levelling blacksmithing/leatherworking 375-450).

    If you have a lot of time, or are prepared to automate a little more than is strictly kosher, you could own the glyph market, and at a profit.  For me, I will still play with glyphs untill I understand it a little better, but stuff this, someone else sell please some of the glyphs.  I have raised my prices.

    09 May 2010

    Recent gem efforts

    I've been a little quiet recently, ever since Breevok announced his gold cap. In part licking my wounded ego, in part working out how to emulate him. Seriously congratulations to anyone who gets the gold cap.

    I have recently changed my gem buying strategy, aiming to have a stock of 20 of each raw epic & meta northrend gem (to cope with inevitable dips in the sale prices), and to have 2 of each of my epic cuts (56 cuts), and 1 each of my profitable meta cuts (23 + 4 unprofitable ones) on 48 hour auctions. My pricing strategy is largely set & forget, using qa, with a 'threshold' (minimum) price 20g above my raw gem buyout, and a 'fallback' (maximum) price 60g above my raw buyout (with 1/2 margins for meta's). This has helped my cashflow, and I feel somewhat comfortable with this, though I am sometimes caught out with over supply of gems in a falling market.

    I am looking at a glyph play soon, with a draft post written. We will have to compare my post (when it comes out - hopfully next weekend), with the reality.

    PS This post about tanks has been written many times, by many different people. It was worth writing and reading the first time. It is still worth reading.

    06 May 2010

    Where did Foo go?

    TO ULDUAR !!!

    Thats right, after some help downing Malygos he has progressed himself into Ulduar.

    Anyone who knows Foo, or has been in his guild or a PUG with him, will understand he is a calm methodical palyer. Most people like me have trouble with repeated wiping. Foo, while annoyed he may get, works on what went wrong throwing fish and buffs at everyone in his way.

    Ulduar, the next great conquering plane for Foolich, Foo..... Oh there is to many. Foo, is one of few people that choose to do things in order, I recently started a ICC progression with my newly 80 mage (I had the gear) and have skipped alot of the early content that Foo revels. So as I do, I take my over geared shaman and heal his runs, or my mage and destroy what ever I get set onto.

    I like the idea and concept of doing everything in order, but I do everything fast, and come back sautrdays and some other nights to do some less stressful (not always) runs of lower raids. It is surprising how much you can learn from Ignis, and how hard some fights can still become despite there relative ease. So for everyone pining for Kingslayer, just relax the buff will go up to a max of 40% and everyone will be a kingslayer so chill, and the titles you want like immortal and such, come from the lower tier 80 raids. So myself and a few others take it apon ourselves to clear these with what should be easy mode (with our high gear) toons, and farm the achi's for mounts or titles or hell the achi's themselves.

    So after this brief carry on about raiding in lower tiers at 80, I'm off back to work, stupid short breaks...../sigh..

    Do not disregard the lower tier runs as skills and gear still drop, and at worse aim for achi's and get the Ulduar Proto... or the Immortal title.... Did I mention the 400+ gold from BOE's? the gold for simply killing and looting? No... oh well now you know.

    See you in Dal or shatt or whether my portals take me, or my raids.....

    Egamad, Wizdom - Cealestrasz