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18 May 2010

Glyph war declared on Caelestrasz, and truce offered

In a recent post about gems, I stated I was making a glyph play.  It has begun, a little before I was ready but oh well.  My inscriptionist (foofixit) has every inscription recipee.

Glyph strategy 1 was posting 2 of every glyph for between 6-12g, using QA3 (quick auctions 3) on a 48 hour cycle, restocking glyphs on the weekend using a a mix of buying cheap ink's of the sea, and milling where necessary (I hate milling).  I don't cancel glyphs.  This was pulling an income of about 100g/day

This evolved slowly into keeping 8 posting 8 glyphs of type, with the profit moving up to about 300g/day.  It is not bad, and largely AFK posting auctions and collection mail.

He has been busily buying cheap northrend herbs (25 silver/basic, 40s/expensive), and milling them (with the help of a fellow guild herbalist - needlestick), buying cheap ink of the sea, and then creating 20 of each type of glyph.  At this price, setting Ink of the sea at 1g50s each, and Snowfall at 10g each, I am making between 40% and 50% profit by milling.

I made an assault with a wall of 8 glyphs, at 2g10.  At this price, I am breaking even on the glyphs, but still making money on the inks.  This is great, and I sold a lot of glyphs.  Too many.  As I write this post, I have spent the evening restocking glyphs.  Time is money.  By spending this much time, I have not been able to do work on an upcoming post (levelling blacksmithing/leatherworking 375-450).

If you have a lot of time, or are prepared to automate a little more than is strictly kosher, you could own the glyph market, and at a profit.  For me, I will still play with glyphs untill I understand it a little better, but stuff this, someone else sell please some of the glyphs.  I have raised my prices.

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