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06 May 2010

Where did Foo go?


Thats right, after some help downing Malygos he has progressed himself into Ulduar.

Anyone who knows Foo, or has been in his guild or a PUG with him, will understand he is a calm methodical palyer. Most people like me have trouble with repeated wiping. Foo, while annoyed he may get, works on what went wrong throwing fish and buffs at everyone in his way.

Ulduar, the next great conquering plane for Foolich, Foo..... Oh there is to many. Foo, is one of few people that choose to do things in order, I recently started a ICC progression with my newly 80 mage (I had the gear) and have skipped alot of the early content that Foo revels. So as I do, I take my over geared shaman and heal his runs, or my mage and destroy what ever I get set onto.

I like the idea and concept of doing everything in order, but I do everything fast, and come back sautrdays and some other nights to do some less stressful (not always) runs of lower raids. It is surprising how much you can learn from Ignis, and how hard some fights can still become despite there relative ease. So for everyone pining for Kingslayer, just relax the buff will go up to a max of 40% and everyone will be a kingslayer so chill, and the titles you want like immortal and such, come from the lower tier 80 raids. So myself and a few others take it apon ourselves to clear these with what should be easy mode (with our high gear) toons, and farm the achi's for mounts or titles or hell the achi's themselves.

So after this brief carry on about raiding in lower tiers at 80, I'm off back to work, stupid short breaks...../sigh..

Do not disregard the lower tier runs as skills and gear still drop, and at worse aim for achi's and get the Ulduar Proto... or the Immortal title.... Did I mention the 400+ gold from BOE's? the gold for simply killing and looting? No... oh well now you know.

See you in Dal or shatt or whether my portals take me, or my raids.....

Egamad, Wizdom - Cealestrasz

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