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09 May 2010

Recent gem efforts

I've been a little quiet recently, ever since Breevok announced his gold cap. In part licking my wounded ego, in part working out how to emulate him. Seriously congratulations to anyone who gets the gold cap.

I have recently changed my gem buying strategy, aiming to have a stock of 20 of each raw epic & meta northrend gem (to cope with inevitable dips in the sale prices), and to have 2 of each of my epic cuts (56 cuts), and 1 each of my profitable meta cuts (23 + 4 unprofitable ones) on 48 hour auctions. My pricing strategy is largely set & forget, using qa, with a 'threshold' (minimum) price 20g above my raw gem buyout, and a 'fallback' (maximum) price 60g above my raw buyout (with 1/2 margins for meta's). This has helped my cashflow, and I feel somewhat comfortable with this, though I am sometimes caught out with over supply of gems in a falling market.

I am looking at a glyph play soon, with a draft post written. We will have to compare my post (when it comes out - hopfully next weekend), with the reality.

PS This post about tanks has been written many times, by many different people. It was worth writing and reading the first time. It is still worth reading.

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