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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

If you want to play a game where gathering and crafting is the cornerstone of the economy, and are not faint of heart, I recommend EVE Online. EVE even has releases purely to support industry. You can play for free if you are good enough manufacturer or trader.

Be the builder in a villainous world.

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30 March 2010

My first 1000g with unskilled low level toons

For my first lot of gold, where I 'hit it big', it was with cooking recipees.  There are a couple of recipees (listed below) that (a) can be gathered by a level 5 toon, and sell for up to 500 gold each.  Admitidly to get 500g requires patience (it may take 2 weeks to sell), but even a quick sale of 100g is a lot for a new toon.

Why & How?
Cooking recipees sell well because they have an achievement attached to getting 160 recipees. There are only about 165 in the game, some of which are festival linked.

I have found that the 'big' recipees are alliance cooking BOE quest rewards:
    For selling these recipees - 100g for a quick sale, 500g if you put them on the horde ah and take your time (via the neutral AH and another account - ask a friend to help).

    For the next stage down, there are still a large number of out of the way recipees.  Again alliance has the advantage as some of their recipees are not only out of the way, but also sold by alliance vendors only.  For these recipees, you can often get 4 times your money back.

    Some usefull links:

    Wowwiki Faction Exclusive Recipee List
    WowWiki Cooking recipes

    25 March 2010

    Where are the tailors?

    From the 3.3.3 patch notes
    • Tailoring
      • The cooldown and location requirements have been removed from creating Moonshroud, Spellweave and Ebonweave. If any of these abilities are on cooldown when the patch is applied, players must wait for the cooldowns to expire naturally before they are permanently removed.

    I have a spellweave tailor. As such I can get 2 peices of Spellweave per set of mats. The same applies to the other tailor specialies. The reason that spellweave has historically been high (on my server at least) is the lack of specialists combined with a 4 day cooldown.

    Last night, I made 20 spellweave, and put most of them up on the ah, at around the cost of mats for a non-specialist. (Being a specialist I still am doubling my money). As a part of an unusual day (not WOW related) I went home at lunch, and quickly checked the AH. All sold. I need to make more. Oh well, for a while at least I will make a nice profit on this line.

    If you really would like to make gold, do your reading. Patch times are opportunities, that come only so often. If the patch notes suggest an opportunity, especially if it isnt on the front page of the big sites time and time again, put your gold where your skills are.

    22 March 2010

    Stats, stats, swimming in stats.

    I've been healing so long the that the only real DPS I do is on low level alts or my fire elemental.

    Having decided to go for a Healing/Melee dual spec as apposed to the easier Ranged/Healer dual spec, I'm finding I don't understand anything about my melee brethren. Now I'm not poorly geared I can pull upwards of 4k DPS once I get into my rotations, and remember every little maelstorm proc and totem refresh. But I feel I've done something wrong and could do more.

    I have ridiculous amounts of hit, I'm 19% on spell hit (yes I'm fixing it, changing out hit gems/chants that I used to need) and 15% or so on the melee, I'm not even sure what the expertise I require is (I'm at 9 or 2.5%) and everything I read is so much more confusing than helpful. I have seen sites saying to gem Attack power its worth more DPS, others say Agility is worth more to me, I really do not know what to gem. So I have done what anyone would do, and had a guess. 4K DPS dual wielding Nighttime seems good to me, I am yet to raid with this and that DPS value is just on heroic bosses that die before I actually get into the swing of the battle.

    Now I've gemmed 40 attack power In a few slots, I would say it is my most used, other than that I have some Agility gems, some haste/crit, haste/hit etc. My main spec of healing is mostly 10 haste + 5 mana per 5, with around 3 20 intellect gems and a pure 20 haste.

    I have found Healing easier to understand stat wise than DPS. DPS is a balance of all these tiny little stats that seem meaning less. Hit rating for example I need to have capped for spells as well as melee, expertise is not worth the materials to chant/gem for it, and the difference Between Attack power and Agility seems to be crit, which also has a cap and to me is not useful past around 30-35% crit chance.

    So what do I need to get the highest DPS I can?
    Should I even try to get the highest DPS I can?
    Should I aim to have mid level DPS In my raids and use my shaman utility to help out?

    There is so much thought involved in DPS as apposed to a tank or healer, where Def cap/dodge etc and spell power/haste are your respective priorities, As DPS I have to worry about Hit rating on spells as well as melee, on expertise, on Agi level to generate crit/armor, Attack power to hold my DPS constant between cooldowns and procs, and then my weapon enchants including self chants from shaman.

    Stats apon stats, that either provide the same or similar results and there is still no really good site I have found to explain the difference between them on any significant level. Now I need to finish my addon Downloads and get back to the Target dummy and any heroic boss I can sink my axe into.

    Egamad of Caelestrasz, Still a better Healer than DPS.

    18 March 2010

    The Gemming Mystery

    When you gem, what do you gem for? Do you gem Stamina as a tank only, or attack power for all melee, haste for all healers, or spell power for caster DPS.

    Until recently (4 days ago) I was under the impression you had to match the gem to the socket color, whether in a solo color or a mixed color, I believed that you could not gem that socket otherwise.

    I have recently through accident while re-gemming a socket found that anything would fit, and that the socket color only required a match to get that little socket bonus. Now you still need to take your meta into account as it has requirements as well to be active. The problem I'm sure for most is what to gem, for what role, and what outcome it gives. For example attack power is a static boost to pure DPS, however agility which provides attack power also gives crit and some armor, so do you add a 40 attack power (epic) gem, or the 20 agility variant. I myself having a melee Off spec to my healing Main spec, am finding it a challenge to gem "correctly" for everything that happens.

    Sometimes when I heal I wish I had more mana re-gen, other fights more haste, and have now started to weight up mana re-gen vs mana pool, haste vs mana re-gen... What I need is to make a standard gem set, from random heroics, all the way to two healing TOC10 and then further to progression ICC. I want more haste as I need it, I want mana re-gen as some fights burn me down when I'm healing aggressively to keep everyone up, I want a larger mana pool so I can heal longer, Haste to heal faster. Usually spell power is what a healer wants as that allows them to heal for more but since my trinket/totem/ring, all randomly proc to give increase spell power as I heal Im not gemming for them when I can avoid it.

    As it stands I'm looking into 10 haste + 5 mana per 5 epics, to slot, I want around 500 mana per 5 while casting, once I have that with my totem down, It's all Intellect and haste till I find my middle ground.

    My advice is look it up on different sites, and then make your own choice, I want the mana re-gen, not much else matters other than haste, so there my goals. My enhancement spec is gemmed for hit/attack power/agility I've added everything, but being a leather worker I can lay off Attack power gems and focus on hit/haste/expertise, etc.

    Take into account everything you can, and gem to what you want, if it's not the best it can be, then tweak it, if you think you can get more, change it, but start off where you want, with what works for you. Start with blue gems, there cheaper and easier to get, save the epics until your certain thats what you want to have.

    Egamad of Caelestrasz

    09 March 2010

    Gevlon, about that tank shortage.

    Dear Mr Goblin,

    We take a great deal of interest in your undergeared project, both with your success, and your difficulties. Like many casual guilds, you have a problem - specifically a lack of tanks.  This is the bane of DPS everywhere, from the levelling instance to the progression raid.  Some would even go as far to claim that it takes 4 players to form a 10 man raid; 2 tanks, 2 heals and the rest just come.  The advice we presume to give, you already know. However, there are times that an outside view may prove a usefull reminder.

    You have been successfull in recruiting self selected experts in the game, that understand the raids, and have at least a theoretical, but still in depth understanding of their chosen role.  While I don't have in-depth knowledge of your partners, I strongly suspect that they are not first time players.  With the players you have, you are successfully exploiting the training provided by others.

    Tanks are a special breed, and are a desirable member of any guild, social, casual or hardcore.  They also are have the biggest need for a community, more than any other role, and especially when first learning.  A DPS may underperform, and in many groups, no one will notice.  An underperforming heals is likely to be matched to overgeared tank - that doesnt need healing, or at least with overgeared DPS - so the tank has little need for healing. In either case, the positive reinforcement from a successfull group will encourage both DPS and heals to continue in their role, and hopefully gain both confidence and skill.  The hardest issue for the learning tank however, is not the need to beat the environment, but to wrest threat from their 'helpful' gogogoing, agro stealing, add pulling, ever so tolerant DPS.

    In your project you (rightfully) have high standards.  So do those you seek to recruit.  Your options involve:
    • Advertise on your blog.  As far as tanks are concerned, this is prone to chance. (But since when do goblins believe in chance).
    • PUG early raids and recruit. If you can't get the tanks to come to you, go to them.
    • Train a tank.  I don't suggest that you seek undergraduate tanks on their first toons, but at the same time, informing prospective tanks that you are willing to work with them while they re-skill.  For a training tank, re-run old content.  5 man skills are close, but not the same as raid skills.
    • Take a non-traditional tank.  A Felguard or Voidwalker may no longer be the Sarth 3D tank of choice, but they still can tank the odd mob or two.
    • Become a tank.  If you wish to guarantee a tank whenever you are online, roll one.
    • Financial incentives.  You already provide starter kits - 100g + basic bags, but any one of my banking alts makes more than this a day.  You have proposed a boosting service before, as well as used incentives to join a progression guild.  This method will also guarantee the availablity of a suitable tank.
    Foolich of (Oceanic) Caelestraz.

      06 March 2010

      Caveat Emptor - Power Levelling Guides.

      Let the buyer beware.
      One of the 'big' wow economic sites has just put up a list of how much it costs to level a proffesion using their power levelling guides.  It ranges from 2k to 8k depending on the profession.

      Please remember that different sites have different goals.  Some want to teach you a philosophy and use gold tips to lure you in.  Others sell gold guides for currency.  Still others are paid by gold selling adds.

      I read a lot of websites, and find in them good information.  However dont take any website (or any organisation at all) at face value untill you know what their agenda is. (And yes - even I have an agenda).

      I have found that Auctioneer, Little Sparky and Ackis Recipee List have been a much cheaper method to level.  My suggestions for power levelling a profession are in levelling crafting on cheap.

      Do you have all your buffs? Yes I'm talking to you.

      Imagine a priest not using fortification for a raid.  You know - the buff that gives you extra health.  Now - imagine that you had wiped the last 3 times you faced this boss and the priest still doesnt buff.

      Imagine not beating an enrage timer because someone else forgot to change out festival cloths, and put on your DPS armour, again - not once but wiping three times.

      Now - imagine that someone is you.  Are you really sure that you have all your buff?

      02 March 2010

      Raid progression at my pace

      I play too much warcraft.  Oh well.  But I mostly play it in bits and peices. I have kids and a life outside warcraft. I can usually raid Friday (for about 2 hours) and Saturday evenings (for about 4 hours).  I also want to approach content somewhat 'in order'.

      With my first lvl 80 (foosecond) - before the days of dungeon finder (yes you young whipper snapper - and I had to walk 10 miles in the snow - just to get to the outhouse), I had a friendly healer who would invite me to 5 mans.  My DPS became fairly good, and we had mostly smooth runs.  However, at the time we didn't raid as a guild, she was after bigger and better things.  I discovered that asking LFM (tank and heals) does not make a 5 man, let alone a raid.  Sure, I picked up the odd Naxx spot, but really, what was needed were more tanks and more healers.  So, I roll a DK tank, and a priest heals.  I'm that kind of person.