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06 March 2010

Do you have all your buffs? Yes I'm talking to you.

Imagine a priest not using fortification for a raid.  You know - the buff that gives you extra health.  Now - imagine that you had wiped the last 3 times you faced this boss and the priest still doesnt buff.

Imagine not beating an enrage timer because someone else forgot to change out festival cloths, and put on your DPS armour, again - not once but wiping three times.

Now - imagine that someone is you.  Are you really sure that you have all your buff?

These are 'obvious' buffs that are expected.  As are gems and enchats, but what about your consumables?
  • Flasks / Elixirs
  • Potions
  • Food - including pet food
  • Stat Scrolls
  • 'portable' class buffs - runescroll of fortitude, drums etc.
  • fight specific buffs
When can you leave your consumalbe buffs behind? - When you are committed that you are only farming (or maybe roleplaying).

In the days of farm mode LFG's I have seen a drop off in consumables.   Thats OK.
I bring fish feasts, and I often carry spare pots/flasks.  I occasionally  may forget - especially if swapping in an alt at the last moment.

However, please dont let the raid down by forgetting these things.

Flasks may cost (at the moment) around 45 gold and last for 1 hour.  Alternativly Elixirs cost about 5 gold, and last 30 minutes, but expire on death.  You can have one guardian elixir and one battle elixir.  Elixirs are not quite as powerful as the flask, but give you more choice in your buffs.

Potions should also cost around 5 gold and can be used once per fight.  If you time it right - for long fights you can use a potion 'just' before the start of the fight and then 2 minutes later.  These cover a multitude of items - from mana/health - trhough to haste potions for improved dps.

Pet food - if you have a pet that can use stamina and/or strength (and all pets like stamina), Mammoth treats are great - and cheap to make.

Toon food - we all know fish feast as a generic buff.  This is generally good enough, but there are optoins if you dont have a cook in your raid, or if you want a specialised buff (and yes there are lots) - including tracking for pvp battlegrounds.  But yes - if you run with any of my 80's - you will have a feast available.

Stat scrolls - these are about the 5g mark, and also last for 1/2 hour.  Often theese will be provided by a raid, but not always.  If you carry multiple scrolls - you can ensure that your 'gee that would be nice' stat can get its buff.

If your raid doesnt include the 'really suggested' classes your raid can use a runescroll of fortitute for a raid wide stamina buff  (I have an inscriptionist so this is easy) or a drum.(for haste?).
Finally certain fights have 'stand here to get ' mechanics.  Just as you dont stand in the fire, please remember to stand in the haste spots.


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  1. As a healer using healbot, I set my buffs up to monitor raid wide so I never miss applying them. Its also useful for when you have another priest around so you aren't wasting candles and mana if they get in first.

    I also have personal buffs set up in healbot as well - eg inner fire, vampiric embrace when running shadow etc.

    It would be nice to be able to get healbot to monitor for flasks and food buffs as well but alas not


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