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22 March 2010

Stats, stats, swimming in stats.

I've been healing so long the that the only real DPS I do is on low level alts or my fire elemental.

Having decided to go for a Healing/Melee dual spec as apposed to the easier Ranged/Healer dual spec, I'm finding I don't understand anything about my melee brethren. Now I'm not poorly geared I can pull upwards of 4k DPS once I get into my rotations, and remember every little maelstorm proc and totem refresh. But I feel I've done something wrong and could do more.

I have ridiculous amounts of hit, I'm 19% on spell hit (yes I'm fixing it, changing out hit gems/chants that I used to need) and 15% or so on the melee, I'm not even sure what the expertise I require is (I'm at 9 or 2.5%) and everything I read is so much more confusing than helpful. I have seen sites saying to gem Attack power its worth more DPS, others say Agility is worth more to me, I really do not know what to gem. So I have done what anyone would do, and had a guess. 4K DPS dual wielding Nighttime seems good to me, I am yet to raid with this and that DPS value is just on heroic bosses that die before I actually get into the swing of the battle.

Now I've gemmed 40 attack power In a few slots, I would say it is my most used, other than that I have some Agility gems, some haste/crit, haste/hit etc. My main spec of healing is mostly 10 haste + 5 mana per 5, with around 3 20 intellect gems and a pure 20 haste.

I have found Healing easier to understand stat wise than DPS. DPS is a balance of all these tiny little stats that seem meaning less. Hit rating for example I need to have capped for spells as well as melee, expertise is not worth the materials to chant/gem for it, and the difference Between Attack power and Agility seems to be crit, which also has a cap and to me is not useful past around 30-35% crit chance.

So what do I need to get the highest DPS I can?
Should I even try to get the highest DPS I can?
Should I aim to have mid level DPS In my raids and use my shaman utility to help out?

There is so much thought involved in DPS as apposed to a tank or healer, where Def cap/dodge etc and spell power/haste are your respective priorities, As DPS I have to worry about Hit rating on spells as well as melee, on expertise, on Agi level to generate crit/armor, Attack power to hold my DPS constant between cooldowns and procs, and then my weapon enchants including self chants from shaman.

Stats apon stats, that either provide the same or similar results and there is still no really good site I have found to explain the difference between them on any significant level. Now I need to finish my addon Downloads and get back to the Target dummy and any heroic boss I can sink my axe into.

Egamad of Caelestrasz, Still a better Healer than DPS.

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  1. Expertise is 26 rating on melee and and hit is 12%. I don't play a shaman though but those are the melee numbers. I have trouble finding out with some classes the exact theory craft. I use a combination of elitist jerks and the wow class forums to decifer this kind of info.


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