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06 March 2010

Caveat Emptor - Power Levelling Guides.

Let the buyer beware.
One of the 'big' wow economic sites has just put up a list of how much it costs to level a proffesion using their power levelling guides.  It ranges from 2k to 8k depending on the profession.

Please remember that different sites have different goals.  Some want to teach you a philosophy and use gold tips to lure you in.  Others sell gold guides for currency.  Still others are paid by gold selling adds.

I read a lot of websites, and find in them good information.  However dont take any website (or any organisation at all) at face value untill you know what their agenda is. (And yes - even I have an agenda).

I have found that Auctioneer, Little Sparky and Ackis Recipee List have been a much cheaper method to level.  My suggestions for power levelling a profession are in levelling crafting on cheap.

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