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02 March 2010

Raid progression at my pace

I play too much warcraft.  Oh well.  But I mostly play it in bits and peices. I have kids and a life outside warcraft. I can usually raid Friday (for about 2 hours) and Saturday evenings (for about 4 hours).  I also want to approach content somewhat 'in order'.

With my first lvl 80 (foosecond) - before the days of dungeon finder (yes you young whipper snapper - and I had to walk 10 miles in the snow - just to get to the outhouse), I had a friendly healer who would invite me to 5 mans.  My DPS became fairly good, and we had mostly smooth runs.  However, at the time we didn't raid as a guild, she was after bigger and better things.  I discovered that asking LFM (tank and heals) does not make a 5 man, let alone a raid.  Sure, I picked up the odd Naxx spot, but really, what was needed were more tanks and more healers.  So, I roll a DK tank, and a priest heals.  I'm that kind of person.

Now, I have cut my 'teeth' by tanking and healing all the 'basic' heroics, as well as Nax, and am about to 'progress' into Eye of Eternity and Ulduar.  To be honest - putting together a Nax group is relativly easy, completing the 'technical' fights is somewhat harder. 

My approach so far has been to gather people interested in 'my content' and establish a schedule, with an eye of encouraging 'regular's to take 'difficult' roles - tansk/heals/special roles. As my content is older I have attracted (with very very broad generalisations):
  • Players on their first want-to-raid toons.  These players generally have 5 man experience and are happy to be raiding.  However, their 'spec' and rotations could use work, and they really could use gems, enchants, flasks/elixirs and potions (I bring fish).  I am not a top-end player by any stretch, but find I can help these players improve by about 25% fairly quickly.  (eg. ~1500 DPS toon, with a few small changes can now pull ~2000 DPS - with the same 'gear').  After a couple of runs, these members become :
  • Players with some experience.  These players like the big bright shiny lights, and lots of raids.  They want to see TOC/ICC, and are raiding more often than I am.  "Sorry Foo - I just want to raid more/get better gear ...".  
  • Players with loads of experience.  These guys have more experience, know the fights and their toons better than I do.  Their old raiding guild disbanded, and they (think they) are looking for a casual home.  "Sorry Foo - I am back with an ICC raiding guild".
Yes it is upsetting to get a great group together, to then have it all fall apart.

However, I am still stubborn, and will rebuild.  People enjoy the runs - its just too long between them.  We have a run this Friday - EOE (again - I have a repair bill to settle with Malygos), and am in discussions with 2 other smaller guilds to put together a Saturday run (probably Naxx - to see how we work).  Mail foolich/foofixit (or any foo in arozcaldo) on US-Caelestraz if you want to join us.

I know my 'progression' is slow.  It's also a lot of fun.  We are not undergeared.  We are learning to play.

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