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30 March 2010

My first 1000g with unskilled low level toons

For my first lot of gold, where I 'hit it big', it was with cooking recipees.  There are a couple of recipees (listed below) that (a) can be gathered by a level 5 toon, and sell for up to 500 gold each.  Admitidly to get 500g requires patience (it may take 2 weeks to sell), but even a quick sale of 100g is a lot for a new toon.

Why & How?
Cooking recipees sell well because they have an achievement attached to getting 160 recipees. There are only about 165 in the game, some of which are festival linked.

I have found that the 'big' recipees are alliance cooking BOE quest rewards:
    For selling these recipees - 100g for a quick sale, 500g if you put them on the horde ah and take your time (via the neutral AH and another account - ask a friend to help).

    For the next stage down, there are still a large number of out of the way recipees.  Again alliance has the advantage as some of their recipees are not only out of the way, but also sold by alliance vendors only.  For these recipees, you can often get 4 times your money back.

    Some usefull links:

    Wowwiki Faction Exclusive Recipee List
    WowWiki Cooking recipes


    1. For a long time one of my dailies was logging into a retired Alt parked in Desolace who tracked down a vendor who pat'd between two points in the north and south. When he stopped he would setup shot and deploy the Super-Seller 680 which sold six limited supply (one each) cooking recipes. Often you are in competition with someone else who has the same idea. Each recipe sells for 100s of gold in pretty short order. The only downside is waiting for him or tracking him down along the road where he pats.


    2. To get the recipees above - you may need to purchase cooking. - specifically recipee of the Kaldorei needs it, not sure about the others. This was pointed out by a broke guildy who didn't need cooking and had strife finding the quests.

    3. I've actually sold about 4 of the roasted moonglaze recipes on horde side, so far 3000g per recipe. takes about 15 mins per character to get the recipe, It's a pretty nice way of getting some extra gold.


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