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01 April 2010

Cheap Gems Happened

Several bloggers predicted it, a large drop in the raw gem value as 3.3.3 happened due to honor changes (anaaliusgoldhunt, but others too). 

I have noticed a small reduction in prices recently on most gems - with a noticable absence of Eye of Zul.  From this I assume that the majority of gems are coming from a non-random source - which suggests either (A) the number of alchemists have exploded, or (B and more likely) PVP'ers are trading in honor.  I will have to specifically check the cost of PVP cuts.

Now I am not a toon that keeps a lot (by goblin standards) of gold on hand - my primary banker had 15k. 

But tonight - the cost of gems have plummeted.  Cardinal Rubies (normally selling uncut ~185g) have been offered in trade - in bulk - for 130g each.  Similar prices have been offered on other uncut gems - Dreadstone 70g (vs 135g normally)., but still only a few Eye of Zul.  AH prices are still 'depressed' being the 165g for a Cardinal ruby, and only in small quantities , but not the crazy prices in trade.

This makes me regret not having more 'liquid' gold on my bankers.

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