05 April 2010

What are the differences between boys and girls?


I'm doing Noblegarden as part of what a long strange trip.  As I write this, I am doing Shake Your Bunny-Maker.  As many of you know, I have to find female toons of every race, lvl 18+.  The problem is I hardly PVP, and even when I do - I pay no attention to the different models for the different genders.

I have discovered I have no idea for some races what is a boy and what is a girl.  This is made worse by many helms and armor - to my eye at least - disguising any differences.  I am sure that players of those races can tell, but I cant. With semi-random brute force I have got 3/5 horde races, and I am sure I will get the rest.

It just feels weird not knowing the difference between a boy and a girl.


  1. I totally agree with you, and when they are in armour etc its impossible to see what they are... Wowwiki has a macro that you can use to help you decide who to shake your spring flowers over...

    Linkage - http://www.wowwiki.com/Noblegarden

  2. Try getting the Overachiever addon from curse.com. It will display if the toon you hover your mouse over needs spring flowers or any of the other achievements.

  3. Thanks all. I did get it last night by brute force (and a lovely lovely orc girl not wearing a helmet). Mind you - any orc girl would have been lovely by that stage.

    However, I just might get that overacheiver addon.


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