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09 April 2010

Raiding, A 101 on being prepared

Once again something has annoyed me, a shock to you all I'm sure.

Raiding, why is this a problem for me? It's not really except when the scheduled start is say 8 and you don't begin grouping till 10 passed 8, or your about to start and the raid leader has not brought the flasks for the run (In my guild thats what happens, the raid leader hands out the flasks).

So whats my issue? Well, if you are organizing a run to start at 8, start it at 8, especially a full guild run. Have everyone there on time, flasks ready, feasts stacked, scrolls, drums and anything else you need to bring such as mats for buffs, or shaman self rez etc. Why has this gotten to me so much? Well it is recurring, not a one off event, but pretty much every raid day, I'm using an alt of mine that isn't in the guild to make flasks right before raid is due to start, I've had an hour wait past due start to form up, 3 hours to wait to form up, and other various things that are unnecessary.

Now, It seems like I am carrying on without a leg to stand on so here is my side. I have my own stock of the flasks, stoneblood, mojo, wyrm, rage, nearly all at a full stack, that I take for myself to every raid. Drums of kings and wild, and then I still carry Runescrolls (for priest buff) and a scroll for the Intellect buff and recently (2 weeks) picked up on fish feasts stocking as well. If I choose to play an alt leading up to raid time, I have my raiding toon outside the raid entrance all raid buffs, ready to go, while I play my alts, and make sure to log over 15minutes before "start".

I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but to me it's a bit off putting, having myself there and ready on time only to wait another half hour or more.

Interested to here other peoples points of view about this as well.

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  1. The guild I am currently in operates in the same way for the most part. People log on late, forget reagents for buffs, or are in a heroic/bg. It's a bit off putting to say the least and it has probably contributed to us recently losing members. I don't know if it's an age issue because the older players like myself seem to be ready and waiting while some of the younger guys are goofing off doing other things. Just know that you aren't the only one.


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