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13 April 2010

The cost of Alts?

Have you ever sent gold to an alt? Bags, potions, materials for professions? Do you consistently find your alts are taking all the gold off your main, as you swear that leveling your first toon didn't cost this much?

Well, it didn't, you simply have the ability now to make your alts life "easy" and it's costing you. You can level an alt without any help, like gold or bags, and its easy to do, hell how did you get there the first time? Can't remember a time before you had bags of gold? Before you where striding around in epics? Me either, and to be honest I cannot work out how I managed to level with no 80 to supply me, but I did and now my alts are Dependant on that 80.

So what I ask is, how come we can no longer survive on alts without an 80 to power feed gold, and other goodies to us, and yet we have done it before perfectly fine. When you make an alt, who starts with a 100gold care package and a stack of bags? Most of you will send bags and cash in some amount, whether its enough to afford the start area training in the form of 50silver (which is still excessive) or you pay there way to 80 we all do it.

Yet, when we started we had to work our tiny leveling buts off to make ends meat and now, we quest, we spend, we buy Auctions like there going out of fashion and when the well runs dry, we log over and top it off. Our dependency is now firmly in place, but has anyone thought what the cost to level that toon up is going be? what proffs? Whether or not they can pay there own way?

I reckon that is a firm "NO" and the reason is we have done that grind before and now we can make it somewhat less of a burden on ourselves, and why shouldn't we? Have we not earned this from the countless hours of raiding, farming, swearing at the stupid rogue that keeps ganking my mage!! Anyway, regardless of how you spent your time you still have paved the way for your alts, and they level being pampered, but remember to pamper them you have to first make that money to hand down, or farm for them to level proffs.

So next time you level an alt, remember its upwards of 6k for flying alone, 1k-4k per proff (depends on server and proff, specifically crafting) then talents, gear, enchants, mounts, FP, repairs etc etc etc. You cannot pamper them all there life's, but at least through the Azeroth grind, and in Outland they can look after them selves.

I don't know who I am anymore, to many alts.

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  1. My alts work for a living!

    I had 3 different alts on different servers when Inscription came out, and because I was diligent in learning the minor glyphs everyday, I was able to make about 10k gold on each of those level 20 alts in the first rush of Inscription.

    Other alts also serve as the "stick" part of marketing my wares. My crafter puts my wares, be they enchants, engineer pets, recipes from the opposite faction into the AH, and my alt puts another few in at a very high price.

    The buyer sees the huge price disparity of how much he COULD pay for the item, and is more likely to snap it up then, rather than waiting for the price to come down.

    They still occasionally make money, if someone is desperate to get that particular pet or enchant, and pay the higher price.


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