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20 April 2010

In the Defence of Rogues.

Now before I even start typing I can hear the protests about rogues, but are they really that bad? Warlocks generally chain fear, paladins stun and bubble, Druids hope in out of HOT's, and so on. But the rogue takes the most flak even though they are the melee equal of a mage.

Now what is the problem people have with rogues? Well in certain specs they can open on you with a massive crit, but after that a subtlety spec is useless for damage. They can stun lock to death, is this any different to being feared to death? A stun lock rogue is generally going to try to keep the rotation going as long as they can and if they miss there basically in the s**t and so have to re-stealth in combat which is a 2minute - 3 minute cooldown depending on spec. A combat rogue has the greatest chance out of stealth to survive while doing good damage, however they lack the stun lock prowess of the assassination tree, and the stealth prowess of subtlety.

While a rogue of any spec will mess up your day and while you level they can and will be a BG problem, just remember anyone can kill anyone, you all have the counters to do it. I can drop warlocks on my mage with ease, and on my rogue, but I have yet to master the demise of the paladin, my rogue however stands a better chance. While everyone cries and complains about rogues and curses there existence in pvp, they are not as bad as everyone wants you to believe and a fight with a rogue is essential focused on the opening in most specs. If you see a rogue before he gets you most will run away once there stealth is broken, others will try to salvage the fight, and most classes, would agree that getting the first shot in is generally a match decider.

So are rogues the Anti-Christ? Should we complain and winge about there stuns, and yet do nothing about warlock fear, paladin bubbles, frost mage snares, shadow priests DOT's fear and mindflaying deathmaker? There has to be a line, each class has its own strategy, and each class has a way to fight back, so less crying about that rogue that spills your blood, and instead work on a way to counteract them. Long cooldowns, stealth dependent glass cannons, warriors would drop a rogue without them using there cooldowns, frost mages aswell, preist etc etc.

In closing, Rogues are not EVIL! BAD! OVERPOWERED! and really they are in leather, they just have and use there tools more class dependently then my mage either will, and that is what makes them deadly in the right hands, or just really annoying.


  1. Sorry Egamad.

    Cant do that while stunned. Cant do that while dead. Rogues are evil :).

    (Wearing my chain fearing Warlock's hat)

  2. Rogues are ridiculous in 1on1 pvp. Against my Shaman I have zero chance.

  3. Granted rogues are good at CC and dealing out damage, but the reason they have so many abilities to negate incoming damage is that they simply cannot take a hit. A good player of any class with = gear should in theory stand the same chance against any other class. However as we know there is more to it than that, and everyone has there way to handle each situation. If you cannot beat a class that does not mean they are OP, I used to struggle against rogues, but having played one, I know just how easy they are, and my mage rarely struggles to kill them off.

  4. The biggest problem is exactly what egamad is saying... without cd's they are fodder, with them they are gods. The trick with fighting a rogue is to interrupt his chain of cc's and really put the hurt on him during the few chances you get to.


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