03 April 2010

Paying attention to your competition.

Or not.

I've been playing on Caestraz for a long time now (with far far too much /played).  I've been playing the gold game for a little while, watching the odd name of particularly aggressive competitors.  I however seem to have a blind spot.  I was scanning the ah by hand (as you do in your spare time), and found a lot of singly posted arrows (and by a lot - I mean 45 pages of them).  There was a blog posting on this by CSAHF a little while ago, that i rememberd reading. 

In the middle was a single page containing reasonable prices by a 'breevok'.
The same 'breevok' who writes CSAHF.  The same breevok who outed himself 2 weeks ago.

It appears I wasnt as observant after all.

1 comment:

  1. Greetings Young Foo. Its OK I didnt ralise you were on Cael either. And it appears we compete in a lot of the same markets as well. Oh well plenty of idiots to share between the two of us :)


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