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03 April 2010

Our dependance on addons

There are several types of contributor to the WOW environment.  Some write blogs, others make training videos, and yet others make addons.

Yesterday I was in a panic because one of my 'essential' addons broke. This is largely my cost of running addons in 'alpha' (or early adopters) mode.  My immediate response was to panic, then grumble about addon makers.  However, without that very same addon maker - I wouldnt have my 'wow business' in the first place.

If you do ever have a problem with an addon:
* If it is just after patch day, your addon may be 'out of date', try enabling 'out of date' addons (after you login, before you choose your toon.
* Check the website where you got the addon for updates, and or bugs
* Did you recently change anything?  Try undoing that change - if only to help identify where the problem is.
* Report the error to the creator via the website (or any other method recommended by the author), including : What you did, the exact text of the error message, what it used to do (better), when it broke.

Thankfully in the author released a patch within the day.

In closing, to all the blog writers, and addon makers, thank you.


  1. I'm curious, what it Altoholic? I had a similar panic this week when my core Glyph supporting addons (KTQ, Altoholic, Skillet and Lil' Sparky) suddenly stopped working. I disabled all addons and began the slow process of figuring out what didn't work under what circumstances. In the end it boiled down to running an alpha copy of Altoholic.

    It did give me reason for concern in the long run. I'm specifically worried about the future of KTQ now that Kevmar has quit WoW it will very likely stop working in some upcoming patch. I've let him a comment on his Kevmar on Warcraft blog to see if he has any plans to pass the torch. In the mean time, I'm a Java developer so I started looking at the code and might consider doing it myself.

  2. Or, another option when faced with patch-related addon failure is to try something different. Pitbull 3.0 died horribly on the day after the last patch and Pitbull 4.0 is still not quite cooked - on the advice of guildies I tried the newest XPerl and I love it! There's no going back.
    (If only my experiments with Vuhdo were as successful.)
    Found your musings blog via CSAH and will be coming back for more.

  3. Anonymous:
    Altaholic is the addon I had a problem with. It provides both the user and other addons a view of what all other alts have. Skillet/KTQ use it to see what glyphs your bankers already have.

    Kevmar is still providing very basic support for KTQ. There are just so many of us using it, that someone will pick it up or make a new addon. They glyph industry would grind to a halt without it.


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