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22 April 2010

Time management?

I play wow for a couple of hours a night, most nights I like to relax after work by handing some horde there entrails. However this results in me losing gold, I try to farm, but have to be in the right "mood" to do it. I try to quests but its so monotone I log off.

So, managing my time to get Gold, level toons, kill those dark bastardly horde, and ultimately get to 80, is proving somewhat harder than I would like. My solution? Well basically I have a mage with herbalism and alchemy maxed, spend 1hour flying around northrend or even lower areas I can make a few 100 gold. I have a maxed miner, and again same situation 1 hour a few hundred gold. I do not play the AH game, I want that instant reward for my labor, so I have Foo now taking a cut, and selling everything for me.

Time management is not something I can do with an 80 two near 80 toons, and up and coming tanks etc, so I need to work out one thing per day to focus on, make a gold day a pvp day a this toon that toon day and so on. But..... I do not, I play for what I feel like, Killing horde on my rogue (the cooldown class, please head to wow.com to see what I mean) or freezing them to oblivion as my mage, Farming just is not on the books for the few hours a night I get. The weekend however after 3 hours of morning raiding, farming is just the ticket, still get to satisfy that craving to play feed the addiction if you will, and yet its not something that will make me so mad or stressed I want to uninstall. So I raid, I farm, and then when I get over farming, I PVP or quest, or move on to something else.

Managing your time on wow around goals, and real life can be more stress than its worth, playing for what you want helps yourself, but not the in game world. Even though you are there to hide from politics, money, religion and all of life's other BS, you actually just move from one active society to another. So if your not like me and can actually farm on queue that is great, however if you log on to PVP and then wonder what idiot has his headlights shining through the window at OH S**T IT'S MORNING!.... you are probably like me.

I Farm I have enough gold (if there is such a thing) but it never goes up for long, and never goes down for long. So like all my posts there centered around me and nothing.... that is right I do not help much with these ramblings.... or do I.... Think about it.

Egamad that anti gold farmer.

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