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18 April 2010

Healthy Competition

On my server there is another gold-crafting blogger (breevok), that sometimes we work co-operatively, and sometimes competitively.  We had a discussion earlier tonight about arrows , a low markup, high volume area.  At the moment, the prices of arrows are 5g per stack, where midweek they were 1g50.  As I don't have an arrow manufacturer, I often just buy his arrows, and re-sell them.  I pointed out that his main competition was offline, and that he was selling above market.  He asked if I was going to undercut him, and my response was,  "I couldn't be stuffed".  This is especially true as (a) he was online so could immediately re-undercut me, and (b) my arrows were on another toon.

While I was on my next bank alt, I was posting my bits and peices, and noticed that someone had moved into 'My' market for Rituals of the new moon.  Last time I looked, I had no real competition, now I had stacks of it.  My main competition is Puraa, one of breevok's alts. 

There is nothing personal about this competition, it is just business.  I am going to try maximise my gold/hour.  Sometimes, this will mean that I will undercut (in this instance - it means selling an offhand for a profit - at market value).  Other times it means not playing in a highly competitive market and moving somewhere else (I've just picked up the recipee for bag of jewels - where there appears to only be a few sellers).  In any case, if it wasn't an associate (in the form of puraa/breevok), it would have been someone else (pandapanda for example), as offhands are a good way to consume snowfall inks.  I fully expect Breevok - and others, to do exactly the same thing.

If you want to make money by selling things, keep an eye on your markets.  If someone else starts playing in your corner, that's OK.  You may decide to keep playing with the newcomer. But explore other possibilities.

P.s. Congratulations to Breevok for his gold cap. I did call him a cow, but it's only because I am jealous.


  1. ROFL - missed this post :) I've actually been rather slack over recent times - testing a theory with the glyphs right now and haven't been as full on with the AH as I was before cap (getting flabby!)

    RotNM - I've been in this market on and off for months - posts in December and January mention it. I generally work in waves - RotNM for a month, vellums for a while, scrolls of fortitude - its all about the market and its ebbs and flows.

    Funnily enough if you want RotNM to sell - get you and a mate to equip one each and dance as a wolf outside the banks in Dalaran. I usually sell two or three instantly :)

    But anyways, as I knew would happen, some of the drive has gone in making gold but it seems autopilot is still bringing in the money. I spent 30k when I hit cap and have already made that back, I spent another 15k last night on a neckpiece yet still have a little over 200k.

  2. Hi Foo,

    An associate of Breevok's here. I was in that 'eventful' VoA a few nights ago.
    See someone else has finally snagged onto the BoJ market. (Warbella is one of my bank alts)


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