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27 April 2010

DING! 80

Ok, here is the back story, I had a mage and rogue hovering and the 70's for a really long time accumulating millions worth of double exp, so I decided to level my mage as I already had an enhancement shaman to for melee.

So, now that you have the story, here is the point. 80 hurts! Getting to 80 is easy but can be costly if your like me and try avoid quest grinds. So when I dinged I realized I was 80, with no hit no spell no stamina and by god no gear ( all relative to what I should have of course). Foo helped out with some moonshroud gear, and I have grinded heroics day and night to get 3/5th's of my Tier 9 set. I have spent more time in the BG's as I have found honor can be faster to gain and is easier to get into a BG than a heroic queuing alone. So I have some PVP gear mixed with PVE, but hey who cares the stats where better and until I can suitably replace them they will stay. Now granted I will not be walking into ICC laden in PVP gear, however for heroics I think the Odd piece simply because it has better stats than a PVE counterpart you are able to use, is ok.

Maybe I am wrong, but my shaman started healing Heroics in the 78 PVP set, no one noticed or cared. Now my mage uses some hard earned honor to bolster his gear where I cannot find a tank or healer to chain with me to get the preferred items. So is this acceptable for a new 80? Is it ok to use PVP gear to help with stats while you chain heroics in the effort to get the right piece?

As far as I am concerned PVP gear only carries one useless stat in the form of resilience and maybe the abundant health, which in a raid is of negligible use. However as many are aware there is PVP style fights in raids today. For example the faction champs of Trial of the Champion are a PVP battle and I know that people bring there PVP sets to this fight. ICC also has some PVP battles (correct me if I am wrong but it is what I have been told by raid leaders) and yet PVP gear has no place in a PVE raid environment in many peoples eyes. While I do not believe taking a full pvp set rings/trinks and all to ICC is a great idea, there are times where it has some merit, or atleast a hint of usefulness. So for 80 as a DPS it is much easier and quicker for me to farm honor than triumph, unless I get a tank or healer I mite as well Quest for the 15 minutes I will wait.

If anyone has a view on this please let us all know...

Can PVP gear be used for stats in heroics?
Can PVP gear be used in any PVE raids?

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  1. when someone is starting heroics i don't mind what gear he has, as long as he puts in effort (at least cheap gemming/cheap enchanting it). and if he alert the group at the start with something like "Hi guys, just dinged 80 so sry but the gear, but i'll do my best!" i don't mind .

    As for pvp gear in pve raids, there is only really 1 fight you can use it, the champions pvp fight in ToC.

    Altho if you had low stamina for some reason in your raiding gear, using 1-2 high end pvp items would be acceptable to help you survive big aoe effects


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