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29 May 2010

Leatherworker 375 - 450 on the cheap - updated

I now have all the tradeskills at 450, thanks to reaching level 65 on my shammy Foostorm.  Having been 375 for too long it was nice to get there.  I expect that getting from 375 on these two professions will end up costing me 1000g, and I may possibly break even. This post is about my leatherworking levelling.  There will be a post on Blacksmith soon.

Fur linings giving me +76 spellpower.

I spent roughly 5000g for LW ( I leveled Blacksmith on my toon and spent 11,500 between them).
The mats were relativly cheap, but the high end recipees are expensive (in arctic furs).

According to auctioneer, the value of LW items is 5,700g.  I expect to sell this for about 5,000g, as I dont expect that all of the items will sell at market price.

What I have:

What Quantity Skill Level Market Each Total Market
Arctic Boots 2 370 16 32
Nerubian Legguards 4 370 12 48
Frostcale Chestguard 1 375 33 33
Nerubian Belt 5 375 21 105
Cloak of Harsh Winds 7 380 85 595
Nerubian Shoulders 2 380 14 28
Dark Iceborne leggings 9 395 23 207
Heavy Borean Armor kit 2 395 50 100
Nerubian Leg Armour 2 400 37 74
Jormungar leg armour 8 405 108 864
Virulent Spaulders 3 420 131 393
Nightshock Girdle 2 420 59 118
Durable Nerubhide Cape 2 440 317 634
Ice strikers cloak 2 440 370 740
Windripper Boots 2 440 270 540
Trollwoven Girdle 2 440 346 692
Revenants breastplate 2 440 270 540
Total 57


The columns above include what I made and still have while levelling, the number of items left, the skill level required, the expected sale price per item and the total expected sale price.  The numbers change from server to server, and week to week.  Use lil-sparky to get the best numbers for your server as opposed to my list.

I will sell items for roughly this amount, but will probably need to disenchant the odd item.  

The addons I used for this levelling were:
  • Auctioneer - This addon lets you see the average prices of items on the AH.  It also assists in my buying and selling of items on the auction house.
  • Lil Sparky's workshop - This addon uses Auctioneer prices, and lets you know the expected cost and sale price of anything you can make.
  • Ackis Recipee List - This addon lets you know what recipees you are missing, and where to get them.

    Use Auctioneer to get prices from the auction house.  It is best to do this several times at least. There are two ways to do a scan.  In the image below the >> button does a quick scan, but may disconnect you on a slow connection.  The Scan button works page by page, is much slower, and may occaisionally miss an item, but will consistently work

    Use Lil Sparky's workshop to suggest what to craft, i.e. at a profit.  If the recipee name is Orange, it is guaranteed to grant a level, Yellow is likely to grant a level, and Green might grant a level.  Grey recipees don't grant levels.  It also tells you how much something should cost to make (left hand column), and an expected sell price (right hand column).  If you want more detail, hover your mouse over the gold amounts.

    That said, some things are likely to have over-inflated prices from auctioneer  (like frost gear), and others are likely to sell better (armor kits).

    I managed mostly to keep to orange recipees with a good chance of profit

    I also made Heavy Borean Leather, and the fur linings when ever I could.

    There are times that I wanted to find new recipees - that is where Ackis Recipee list came in, showing me what other recipees are available, and where to get it.
     The futher out of the way a recipee is, the less likely it is to be made and put on the AH.  Rare recipee genearlly eqauls better profits.

    edit: this post was originally posted without the images to rush some information to a guildy.

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