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23 February 2012

Woe is me; my auctions are undercut. But...

Well, ... my gems are at any case.

Recently there has been a flood of cheap gems; I've noticed it; The gold queen thinks it might be to hacks. While not discounting the possibility of hacked gems (I came accross my own suspicious gem deal), I am not so sure.

Who buys gems?  Main toons getting new gear. Just because I have my keep my (healer) alt ready to go with even a few epic cata gems; does not mean that Joe Average gems his alts.  I am starting to see a few ungemmed or unenchanted toons offer to join my pugs (I am current recruiting DPS), claiming to have DS10 experience on their alts.

What do mains not buy? Glyphs - they already have them.

So, what does Joe Average buy for his alts?  Cheap glyphs, and Epic BOE's. 

Trinkets are my BOE sale of choice, but I gave up on them when 4.3 dropped; a surplus of trinkets; all better than most Darkmoon cards.I wasn't the only one.  For a few Darkmoon cycles, you couldn't give some trinkets away.  I was starting to unload my unused cards.

Then I had another look.  I do this every month or so on the markets I have abandoned, and just re-check prices.  There were no trinkets for sale.  Zip; Nada; none.

Whenever there are none for sale, I try to sell at overinflated prices.  My trinkets sold quickly. I crafted some more; and I am currently getting prices (on everything but Volcano) higher than I did during 4.2.

I am again selling Darkmoon cards.

Glyphs have also raised in prices.  There were 3 sellers (not including me); keeping prices about 20g each.  I bailed out as I was having much better Gold per hour from gems. 

Currently there is one seller (where did the other two go?), selling many 100-200g glyphs.  I have posted a few glyphs to try the market out.  

The biggest advantage to having multiple tradeskills maxed is that if one market crashes; you can diversify easily.  When gold making gets tough, keep an eye on those older forgotten toons and their tradekskills.


  1. On my server there's a duper who's been showing up about once a week for several months with cheap Queen's Garnet and Essence of Destruction but that's it.

    The rare gem flood however isn't bots, it's just regular auction players with tons of stock.

    Pre expansion blues are setting in, that's all. Supply is about the same as usual but demand is going down.

  2. Ah yea, no suspicious amount of Queen's Garnets here yet.

    Btw I cashed out all my Darkmoon cards right before 4.3, need to check out again :) Thanks Foo!

  3. I actually gave my other markets(read:elementium shuffle) a rest for now, because I've been making a killing off glyphs lately! The server is kinda slow/quiet these days, which for me just happens to include my competition not being so fierce. So I'm posting glyphs more often now to take advantage.

    It goes back to what gold bloggers always say time and again: consistency is key. And of course diversity, as you pointed out here.


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