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25 November 2010

Volatile Water for sale

(Edit: I bring to your attention Breevok's comment below)

The Cataclysm crafting water element.  Yes.  Now.

During a gold rush, you make gold by selling shovels.  Water Walking was that shovel.

A guild mate saw something I didn't know about.  For a very brief window you could farm Volatile Water.  Not useful for anything now, but an incredibly valuable head start to any server first profession toons.

He asked that I keep it quiet and not blog about it.  In order to both honour that request, but still to get a 'scoop', I did the next best thing.  I advised readers to make Water Walking elixirs and fishing aids.

The trick (now fixed) was you needed to be between Wetlands and Arathi Highlands, walking on water and fishing.

So, if you want a head start on those professions, have a look at your AH.  There just might be volatile water or Cata fish.  Be warned - there is not much supply, and should be priced accordingly.  (Yes I do have a limited supply)

If you are after that professional server first, you will need every bit of assistance you can get.


  1. LOL thanks foo...did i tell u about peter siddles hat-trick???
    was very happy :-)

  2. I searched for Volatile Water yesterday and someone was posting 4x for 16G. Snatched right away. Havent seen anyone else on the marked yet. I got no clue what to post them for - currently 500G. What is your buy-out price?

  3. Anon #1 is our well researched fisherman - DrBob.

    @Anon #2, 16g - You got a steal.

    To the best of my knowledge, my guildies and I have a monopoly on Volatile Water, with a sell price of 600g each. We are currently selling Cata fish for 200g each.

    If you wish to take ownership of these monopolies, let me know (here or in game).

  4. Its been hot fixed.

  5. Nope, still works. I was fishing it earlier (about 4 hours ago) in the Uldum/Tanaris area.

  6. from the ToS.

    (i) Using or exploiting errors in design, features which have not been documented, and/or "program bugs" to gain access that is otherwise not available, or to obtain a competitive advantage over other players;

    You have been warned.


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