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24 November 2010

Fishing in Cata

Fishing in Cata (and maybe even before) will be an important skill.  Not only will it be needed for the guild perk for the new fish feast, but it will be an important source of volatile water.

Fisherman can help this by fishing up Glassfin Minow from the lake/river in Crystalsong forest, selling these to alchemists who can make an Elixir of Water Walking. DK's and Shamans (and maybe Priests) can all walk on water and fish

Engineers can make Aquadynamic Fish Attractor to give +100 fishing.

I expect demand for both of these items to skyrocket before cata hits.

UPDATE: Blizzard fixed the issue that made Elixir of Water walking a must have.  It is still worth stocking up on fishing aids, but no longer essential.  Yes I knew something I didnt say.


  1. You can also usually find these ridiculously cheap on the AH (for now). It seems people get loads of them from the fishing bag and they just stockpile.

  2. I normally name spectulative posts for what they are.

    I expect demand for fishing aids to skyrocket before cata hits.

  3. I wouldn't bother with the Aquadynamic Fish Attractors. Usually plenty of Sharpened Fishing Hooks are sold on the AH, which one can buy out for cheap, then.

  4. there is also a new fishing lure made by engineers in cata, the Heat-Treated Spinning lure. It gives 150 to fishing boost. I would expect to see a decent amount of these early on in the expansion since its a good way to get a few levels when trying to get engineering to 525.


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