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23 November 2010

Convert Ink of the Sea Immediately?

I don't know.

www.wowconfidential.com says in 4-0-3 jessica sellers now trades only blackfallow ink for other inks, in turn quoting WoW insider and MMO champion.

I am expecting another fortnight of Nothrend herb gathering, plus a couple of weeks of herb dumping come the Cataclysm.  I am relying on this to produce Ink of the sea.  I have converted all of my existing Ink of the sea down.  I already had guild bank tabs of herbs, and I bought about 5000g of herbs last night. I will busily mill more inks tonight before shutdown (and I don't normally do milling).  I wont be able to mill everything before shutdown.

I already have a large stockpile of glyphs (most of which I have more than 30), I use KTQ and Gnomeworks, with /ktq queue 50 glyphs to give me an approximate weighting of what type of inks I should stock.  If that sounds complicated or you dont have those addons, use Breevok's ink weights to know what to buy.

As an inscriptionist, if you only have northrend herbs or northrend inks when Jessica stops trading, you will be at a significant disadvantage.  As a levelling alchemist or inscriptionist, you will similarly want to have your levelling pack put together.

If Jessica will play nicely for the next 2 weeks, I will have converted sooner than I needed to.  Either way I will need to restock on Ink of the Sea.  If Jessica gets upset by the shattering, I will be better off.


  1. sorry, pet peeve here. There is no such thing as an inscriptionist. We are scribes.

    That aside, I did much the same thing, spending much of last night milling my stockpile of northrend herbs (kept about 800 of each for cata profit) and converted to the various inks. I now have about 4-600 of each ink, except sea which I plan to mill from the cheap northrend herbs people will be dumping over the next 2 weeks, and I still wish I had time for more.

  2. I agree - Scribes!!!! A pet peeve of mine as well.

    The Exodar not Exodar
    Oculus not Occulus
    Scribes not Inscriptionists

  3. On a slightly more serious note, I am very glad that I converted my inks. Grats to Of Gaming, Grinding and Gold for being the first blog I saw confirming Jessica's changes.

    And apparently you can learn Mage Armor from a vendor

  4. and you can buy enchanting vellums from the inscription supplies vendor :( Bang goes my lowbie scribe moneymaker.


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