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10 November 2010

Always question your assumptions.

The easiest way to lose a lot of gold is to assume something that everyone else knows to be true, but might not be.  For me personally, the most useful blogger posts are those that challenge assumptions.

I remember a little while ago when the cooldown was removed from the Alchemy titanium cooldown.  Everyone 'knew' that now was the time to buy saronite ore and sell it to all the alchemists because saronite supply was going to dry up.  Huge fortunes were spent, the price of saronite went up untill the patch, then crashed hard.  Too many bought saronite before the patch, with too much supply after.

How about the expected removal of the Epic Gem transmute.  The cooldown was removed from the PTR.  Serveral large sites advertised this. 'Everyone' expected that there was going to be a boom time for transmuters. Many players stockpiled large amounts of mats, but the cooldown was not removed.

Most of the time the gold blog sites get it right.  If we get it wrong we suffer both reputationally and financially, and we know it.  However most of us explain not only what - but why as well.  We got glyphmas down pat.  We got tailoring cooldowns right too.

If you want guaranteed gold, do dailies.  If you want to make more gold (on average), do what we do.  If you want to make a lot of gold, challenge our assumptions and do it better than we do.

The reason for the above rant is the percieved necessity for Breevok to post part 3 in his followup for his netherweave bags post.

Breevok made a judgement call about what might happen. He called it as it was - a hunch, in bold.  His advice to store netherweave as bolts is sound (they stack better anyway).  You may even like to store it as cloth to allow you the option of making bandages.   If he is right you have plan (B).  If he is wrong you still have not lost anything.

Breevok - thank you for your post.  In my opinion it was one of the most usefull posts I have seen for a while.

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