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19 November 2010

Pilgrims Bounty

Pilgrim's festival is a once a year opportunity to level your cooking on the cheap.  It is also the last regular festival before cata drops (ignoring pre-cata events).  Caveat Emptor : This is a speculative post based on the assumption that the event is largly similar to last year, with a lot more recently levelled alts running around.

Other sites (including wow.joystiq.com) will contain a breakdown of this event (this link is last years faq), but I have a few things to add.  Many alts are currently being levelled, many of which don't have cooking. (even some of mine).  For those toons that get the festiva'ls shortcut to 300, many will push on to 450.
  • Tracker snacks allow you to track turkies for the turkinator.  People wont buy them unless you advertise it in trade/outside the relevant areas.  Once you advertise, others will enter the market.  So make a stack or two, post them (individually) then advertise them.
  • Recipees to fill the gaps - essentially 300+ will be popular
  • Raw mats to for the 300+ recipees will sell out -extra points for posting mats for the easily obtained recipees.  If you are planning on levelling skinning or fishing soon (or now), keep this in mind.
  • Northern spices - obtained via the Dalaran cooking dailies will be in short supply.  If you do dailies and have cooking, add this daily to your list.
  • For those that do get near 450,  noting that many (most?) festival participants won't, mats for Small Feast and Gigantic Feast will be in short supply.
  • Mage portals will be very popular
  • Enterprising warlocks who can co-ordinate a small raid might be able to hustle in on the portal business - with the added bonus of directly porting toons to the festival grounds.


  1. I've found it very profitable to sell the Outland vendor recipes for up to 50g each.
    The Tracker Snacks, however didn't sell too well (sold 2 only) and Northern spices are anything but in short supply right now here (probably 5000 on the AH for ~50s each).

  2. @Vayaz. Advertise your tracker snacks (with link) in area. They should sell better as people get frustrated with not getting turkinator. (but then more toons will also sell them too).

    Northern spices - I am betting that now is a good time to buy them - especially if they are at 50s each. (I bought 2.5k of them). If all that happens is toons levelling cooking to 450 consuming the current spices, then the next wave of 80+'s should need more (assuming blizzard dont nerf them again).


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