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21 November 2010

Making gold - with style

We all want bling and that enchanting smile, and we are prepared to pay for it.  This means that Jewelcrafting and Enchanting are solid money earners, with a slight preference for Jewelcrafting being the more 'complicated' of the two.

Use Lil Sparky's Workshop, Auctioneer and Ackis Recipee List (see the setup post in this "whatprof" series) to work out what will sell.

  • Everyone raider, every PVP'er feels they needs enchants (as opposed to most players choosing dungeon/reputation clothes)
  • All level 85 toons will be replacing their entire Gem set and enchants.
  • New raids are your friend
  • Toons will be juggling stats for a while to come, meaning that lots of extra enchants and gems will be needed.
  • Every raider feels they need JC gems (some PVP'ers use vendor stuff - I think)
  • The AH is full of stuff to crush
  • Daily quest to get best JC recipees - less competition
  • Enchanters get to crush unwanted BOP gear
  • JC will most likely have a lot of new competition, as toons switch out of Inscription
  • Not as good as other professions for those that don't like complications
Levelling Jewelcrafters will want to make as much as you can with stone.  Stone is cheap and plentiful.  Gems can be hard to find, so prospecting ore - both for your personal use and resale is generally worth it.  Lookup the value of ore vs likely value of gems (Auctioneer is great).

Max Level JC's will have a licence to print gold.  You should get the Illustrous but difficult to obtain recipees (Ackis Recipee List is good.)  In the Wrath, this mostly meant JC dailies (or later prospecting titanium ore).  Prospect for gems.  Hit gems (both primary and secondary colors) will sell well at the start of Cata, being replaced with other gems later in the expansion.

Enchanters need to know that the Auction House is your friend.
  • It has scrap armor and weapons to be disenchanted.  Auctioneer will help you work out what is worth disenchanting.  Disenchant for both your own mats and for selling on the AH
  • Enchanting Vellums are relativly cheap.  A mature AH should keep some in stock.  Failing that, make a business relationship with a inscriptionist or two.  You can apply your enchants to these vellums and sell them via the AH.
  • Offer to crush surplus levelling items for other tradeskills - for a percentage of the mats gained.
  • Sell a mix of enchants on Vellums on the AH.
Levelling Enchanters 
  • Keep your enchanting up at least to the point of being able to disenchant BOP gear you wish to discard.
  • Sell via the AH a mix of levelling enchants you can make on vellums, especially once the mats start to cost a few gold. Lil Sparky will let you know what enchants sell best, but if in doubt make a mix and sell them all.
Max Level Enchanters will also have a licence to print gold (probably a little less than JC), and again should seek Illustrous but difficult to obtain recpiees.  Twinks will be looking for the best enchants in their brackets (not always the highest levels), but some of these will take a while to farm or be very expensive on the AH. 

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