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26 November 2010


Tonight I offended someone in game, who's opinion I respect, over a matter of ethics.

Readers may be aware that a guild member found a way to farm volatile water (since fixed by Blizzard).  The three of us that were on obtained mats. 

I was informed that Blizzard sometimes takes a dim view on cheating, and was reminded of the Lich King world first being withdrawn, and I would not enjoy an account suspension for a week.  Being gidy with the thought of selling the volatile water, I made a stupid comment about using a son's account.  Putting another players enjoyment at risk for my own profit crosses the line.  I acknowledge that.  It was  unworthy of me, and an insult to the person I was talking to.

For the record, his advice is that if you already have cata mats (this post is still 12 days till Cata), you should destroy them.

I am unsure of my own opinion or advice.  There is evidence that Blizzard turns a blind eye.  I have knowingly exploited the game environment (like many others).  I do not know if I will post those mats I have, or encourage others to buy them.

What I will do will be at my own risk, on my own account.


  1. I am not a fan of Markco - I still remember his 'offer' to Gevlon and that lost trust has never been regained. But even Markco is very much against exploits as http://www.justmytwocopper.org/2010/10/inifite-void-crystal-exploit-and.html shows very clearly.

    I make gold. But I make it legally. Sure sometimes I exploit stupidity (The Savory Deviate Delight recipe today is just one of many examples on my blog) but I can hold my head high that I dont break the rules. A winner who cheats may still be a winner if they dont get caught, but I just consider them a cheat.

  2. I did acquire some fish/volatile water of my own accord...but am not selling it. It's mine, in my bank. If a GM suddenly popped on and asked me to toss them, I'd do it.

    But, unless you are attempting to make a cash cow of it, chances are they are just going to ignore you unless you blatantly brag/advertise in any chat that you have it.

    On top of that, I have class Dec. 7 and I'm just a little too old to be skipping class for a video game. This will also force me to follow me "I don't want to rush through Cataclysm" mantra.

    Also, I'm probably going to farm herbs on my druid for a friend for a few days at 500g a stack. :-)

    So technically, yes, I have also "exploited game mechanics" but I don't fall under the "with intent to ruin other player's experiences". I refuse to post/sell anything I have. I just wanted to see something new and fresh pop up in my loot bag.

    This leads me to another thought I've had for a few days.....I absolutely HATE having new content early. I'm not a big leveler. I've leveled all the toons I want to level...I just want something new to play with. Something fresh to see. If they had included one new zone for 80-81 toons with this content patch, I would have been so thrilled. It would be like getting...Hellfire Peninsula early. There would still be plenty of content left to see to get to 85, but a teaser zone would have been nice. Sitting there looking across, staring at Uldum just makes me cranky. :(


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