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06 November 2010

Should I level an alt

Recently there have been various blogposts about this, especially where professions are involved.

Markco likes levelling alts, and recommended using them to gain a variety of tradekills.

Gevlon thinks that levelling an alt (for profession's sake) is a waste of time and you should concentrate on a main toon, especially as the opportunity cost of levelling an alt is so high (100 hours played at even 200g/hour doing dailies or farming is a lot of gold).

My take is that the best reason for levelling an alt is so you can tank or heal (all toons can already DPS). Even if your main is a ranged or melee DPS, understanding how tanks and healers play will make you a better raider. For most players becoming the tank or healer is the best way to understand the role. I have my tank, healer and DPS toons, but I am levelling my 5th 80 because I can (not because I need to).

Your primary raider should have two 'primary' professions at maximum level (i.e. in addition to cooking, fishing, first aid or archaeology). You should know what your bonuses are, and use them. In most instances a raiding toon should have two tradeskills (instead of gathering), but consult a class/role forum or website for specific information.


  1. I think the benefit of leveling an alt is you also run the chance of getting a rare vanilla item or recipe and if you mine/herb (either at the same time or even just the single) you could also profit from selling old world materials - which are still going from insane prices on some servers.

    From a nostalgia perspective, it’s nice to give the old zones one last go before they are gone forever :)

  2. You can make quite a bit of gold leveling a new toon from gathering old world materials. Far more gold than dailies. Also, you may notice that the wow millionaires all have extra toons covering many if not all of the professions so that they can diversify. An alt is an investment in your account's future. Think about how much good the toon will make over the course of its lifetime. How much gold did an alchemist who used his daily transmute make every day for virtually no effort? What about the tailor who crafted afk? Think about leveling as an investment, not a burden. And as unstated already, you make a ton of good leveling if you do it right.

  3. Lol damn this phone, that last sentence got butchered by auto correct


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