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03 November 2010

Buying Darkmoon cards

This is pure unabashed speculation.  As I often do, I note what I know, and what I think.
What I know:
  • WoW is awash with cheap snowfall ink
  • At least one reputation is disappearing come Cata, making Insane harder.
  • Many new levelling toons (Worgen/Goblin)
  • There are not a lot of trinkets for levelling toons
  • Raiding toons have BOP options for trinkets that levelling toons do not. 
  • The emphasis will move from finishing raids, Insane, miscellaneous achievements to levelling and the new dungeons and raids when Cata hits.
  • Most high end 80 raiding gear will be replaced by about level 83 questing greens.
What I think:
  • There will be a soft 'gold' reset in Cataclysm.  The repair bills in Cata for premade starter gear is about 500g to repair red armor. (This topic alone deserves a series of post from different authors)
  • People wanting to be Insane the main are purchasers of Snowfall, and the main providers of Darkmoon cards.  
  • Darkmoon cards are being dumped below cost. I have not done the sums with the new prices, but my recollection of crafting costs for cards (even with cheap snowfall) made them much more expensive.
  • Trinkets won't be replaced by questing.  This is the least researched of my 'thinks'.
In summary:
When the emphasis moves from raiding to levelling, I expect a bigger market for trinkets with a much smaller supply.  This, combined with a general devauling of gold (size of which is to be determined), means I will be stockpiling cheap trinkets for Cata.


  1. Can you elaborate more on the repair costs for cataclysm?

  2. Regarding repair costs, I would love a regular Beta tester to give a more informed answer. (Breevok? someone else?)

    My access to Beta is on my son's account, which he plays regularly. I could play it more, but still have WoLK goals to complete.

    That said, my youngest son also likes to play on the Beta account. 5 year old player + Level 85 pre-made toon in starter (blue quality) gear, who likes to see his armor red so he knows he has some. The part of the game my youngest knows best is how to talk to the 'white lady', causing cries of dismay from my other son.

    My recollections is that in the Cata beta, the pre-made level 85 characters start with 5k gold and dungeon blues. Level 1 toons start out with sweet F all. The repair bill on the Level 85 Mage is consistently 400-500 gold, to the point that I am going to have to stack my son's live toon up with gold and copy it to the Beta again.

    Starter Level 85 quest rewards seem to be about 16g. I will attempt to organise my son to do some serious questing, and/or get vendor bait.


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