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01 November 2010

Replacements for elitist groups?

I know about Bimbo to spot missing enchants & gmes.  I am after replacements for some of the rest of Elitist Groups.

I don't like gearscore.  For me it is a largely useless addon.  I barely care if your gearscore is 3000, 5000, or 10,000, but then as a rule I don't run random lvl 80  'heroics' either.

I am far more interested in :
  • Minimum Ilvl - and what the item is.  It's worth keeping an eye on this to upgrade sooner rather than later
  • Average Ilvl - This suggests the best raid for you.  ICC 10 normal drops Ilvl 251.  If you average Ilvl is less than this, consider earlier raids, first 4 ICC bosses (or heaven forbid - dungeon farming).  If your average Ilvl is higher than this, consider hard modes (or at least extended raids)
  • Correct stats for your role.  Intellect for DK's is so last season. (Even if I did roll on it last ICC run - oops).  That said, I am not after something as strict as ElitistGroups was.  Elitsist Jerks (and the addon) are primarily interested in the 'best' on the hardest fight, with nearly the best gear.  My toons spent a long time in Ulduar wearing Nax gear, and had different needs to the ICC crowd.
You can tell your own ILvl (and other stats) easily from your character sheet, and click on the arrow on the bottom right. (though I hear it also includes gear in your bags).  I would love to be able to see this for /inspected toons. Bonus points for allowing me to specify what I am looking for by role.

I also spend some time in levelling dungeons.  Many players accidentally miss taking their talent points.

I would like to know what bosses you have downed (both the current tier and previous tiers).  While I don't mind if you are new to a boss, it is good to have an idea so I can make adjustments as needed.

If you know an addons that would give me some of the above, please leave a comment.


    1. Gearscore does exactly what it is designed for. It gives you an overall score for the gear the player has. The items you are looking for minimum lvl and average level are really in part reflected by gearscore. Understanding what gearscore someone has when they have all 232 lvl gear is really just how you need to use it. Gearscore doesnt guarantee anything except the lvl of gear that the person has.

      Put on your gear and check your gear score. Look at a char in all 232 gear, 245 gear, 251 gear and 264 gear. Once you understand the levels you can decide how to use it. For pugs it is really one of the quickest ways to get an assessment of where there gear is. The rest comes from inspection and obervation of how they play.

    2. I understand that gearscore is a reflection of average Ilvl, possibly the least interesting of all the stats that you have, but in a less useful form.

      Elitist groups told me whether your gear/gems or enchants was suitable for your role. I thought it was too strict (It told my priest not gem for mana regen when that is what I needed, and my tank preferred more avoidance to stamina in a couple of instances) but that is a judgement call.

      For me the quickest assessment of a pug - or anyone comes from looking at the details of their gear.

      Player (A) has 100% ungemmed, unenchanted badge gear, with a high gear score. Then they probably don't have the skills for a harder raid.

      Player (B) has lower level of gear (hence a lower gearscore), but from the hardest bosses of the previous raid(s), suitably chosen and looked after.

      Relying on gearscore would encourage me to look at player (A). I want to take player (B).

      Bimbo gives me a tool far more useful than gearscore. I am on the look out for more tools.

    3. Actually you can use the gearscore addon for more information about player experience and stats. Just type /gs while targetting and click the "experience" tab.


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