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26 November 2010

Welcome to our new transport system

Imagine a world where there
  • are no capital city portals in Dalaran or Shattrah.
  • is more than one flight point in a zone.
  • is a flight point in the starter towns just ouside your capital city (Kharanos, Goldshire etc)
  • is a flight point at every quest hub I have seen so far
  • you can fly in the (remade) old world
Oh look - amongst all the QQ regarding the first point, we missed what we have been given with the rest.
 Wondering around Wetlands  I found (alliance) flight points in the middle, and on the border with Arathi Highlands.  This would have been so useful when I originally quested there, and will be usefull on my next alt.

But lets assume you are stuck in Dalaran.  There is still one portal left - to the Caverns of time.  For Hordies, take the portal, ride to Gadgetzahn and the flight point to Thunderbluff/Origmar.  Similarly for Alliance, you can fly to Darnasus (admitidtly a long ride), or to Wetlands/Ratchet and catch the boat.

The flight points between some cities are short enough : Thunderbluff <-> Origmar and Ironforge <-> Stormwind, but the travel between other cities is hard?  There is plan B

All the cities still have the portal to just out of the Dark Portal.  From there, run to Outlands; to (but don't take) your flight point.  Looking behind you, there is a portal to Stormwind (alliance) or (I assume) Origmar (horde).  This makes the Exodar or Darnassus -> Stormwind run relativly short.

(This post was originally planned for last night, but the hotfix/listing of volatile water took precedence).

Very few of my toons (if any) will be hearthed in Stormwind


  1. Awesome news, Foo!

    As a QQ'ing altoholic, that makes my life a bit easier.

    Why not hearth in Stormwind though? It has the longest run from the mage portals to the AH/bank, and you have to run out the false portal, down the spiral staircase before you can even mount up. Darnassus has a short run to the door, Exodar you can phase in mounted, and Ironforge has a short run.

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