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06 November 2010

Insane in the Membrane

Egamad's missus here to talk about the Insane in the Membrane title and all the fun things associated with it - specifically things you can make money from. For those that are unsure this title requires the following:
Honoured with Bloodsail Buccaneers
Exalted with Ratchet
Exalted with Booty Bay
Exalted with Everlook
Exalted with Gadgetzan
Exalted with Darkmoon Faire
Exalted with Ravenholdt
Exalted with Shen'dralar.

In going for this myself, let me tell you it is a pain in the arse and I do not recommend doing it for the faint hearted. Here is a list of the factions that require bought items, and some better ways to potentially make money from it:

The main problem I had with this faction - as I'm sure everyone else does - is the Pristine Black Diamonds (PBDs). As a Human, to get from 0/3000 Neutral to 999/1000 Exalted with these guys, you need a total of 77 PBDs + one turn in of your class book (for me, it was Harnessing Shadows). Now - according to Wowhead.com these pretty guys have a highest drop rate of 1.1%. The most annoying thing for me was not being Horde. I had a friend regularly check the AH prices and they varied from 200g-300g, whereas Alliance was upwards of 400g at any given point. I would advise not actively farming these for gold unless you are that bored, as you can make the same money from less-rare items.
This brings into play the Librams that are needed for the 3 Shen'dralar quests - Focus, Protection, and Rapidity. These are unique and you can only have 1 of each kind in your bag at any given point. But! Alas! They are stackable in a Guild Bank. If you find yourself in Dire Maul, keep any of these that you have, because they go for 100g-400g on the AH.

This is the most annoying faction to get Exalted with. The Syndicate mobs are farmable from 0/3000 Neutral to 11999/12000 Honoured. Then you need to turn in Heavy Junkboxes to reach Exalted. Each quest turn in requires 5 Junkboxes, and (as a human) you need 1275 Junkboxes to reach exalted. Being a Warlock, this is going to be the most hardest thing for the title. Not many Rogues are willing to farm these Junkboxes, gold being rewarded or not. The Junkboxes are not BoP, so they are able to be sold on AH. Depending on how desperate people are, you can probably get away with selling these from 10g+ each on the AH - this is providing you wish to farm them yourself). I've read reports that the best places to farm these are Tyr's Hand in EPL and BRD and BRS.

Darkmoon Faire:
Aside from Darkmoon Faire (DMF) only coming around once a month, this is pretty easy. I myself have stuck to making the Northrend decks, due to more people farming Northrend herbs, etc. If you regularly go farming for herbs and AH them, great! If not, try and do it for an hour a day or something, and chuck up whatever you farm. If you have an Inscrpitionist, mail these herbs to that toon and mill them down and create Snowfall Ink and Ink of the Sea instead of putting the herbs themselves up - take it from someone who knows, people would much rather buy the Inks than have to buy the herbs and get them milled down. Another thing that will sell very well for this faction is Eternal Life. On the Alliance AH at the moment, these are going for 13-16g/Life. I would recommend farming WG for these if you have the guts, or just stick with what you have from herbing.
If you come across any of the cards required for DMF decks (Northrend decks only) I would recommend putting them on the AH for 50-100g. I know personally my limit to spend per card was about 80g. I guarantee if you find yourself collecting the cards during runs, etc - or just making them yourself from the Inks - they will sell faster if you don't overprice them at 200g+ like I have seen some people do.

Signing off,
Nundaii the Slowly-Going-Insane :)


  1. I'm surprised, with such a large difference in prices, you didn't just buy the Horde diamonds and flip them via the Neutral AH.

    As for not actively farming it, it may be true that setting out saying "I'm going for PBDs" is silly but the fact that they are effectively farmed along side anything else in this grind makes them pretty easy to come by. For those working on the grind themselves you'll be farming Frayed Abom Stitchings and Skin of Shadow. Rather than only killing necessary mobs most 80s will be able to easily full clear the place and will likely see a diamond or two. (Finish up Scholomance for some easy Ace of Portals and Stratholme for a mount!)

    Also for those doing the grind themselves, there's nothing more efficient than full clearing DM North. Get keys for Steamwheedle, Librams and Diamonds for Shendralar, and Ace of Warlords for DMF. Everything in the previous sentence except for the key also applies to those farming for money, and with an engineering Mailbox or an Squire/Gruntling with a bridle you can usually get a few librams pretty easily.

    Unless there is a change I'm not aware of in 4.0.1 you cannot sell Heavy Junkboxes on the AH as it is an item that can contain loot. You can, instead, make a post on your realm forums attempting to hire rogues, it's pretty popular on my server. Once I was done with my own boxes I proactively offered my services for 10g per box, many people inquired and the bidding war ended at 17g a box! For those not afraid of investing real-life money, or just those who like rockets, you can Recruit a Friend and get a level 60 rogue to get your own junkboxes very quickly; I used a level 60 and they are just as easy to farm junkboxes with as an 80.

    In regards to Darkmoon Faire, it's impossible to make a price threshold for every server. You may consider cards overpriced at 200g per card but on my server several cards regularly sell for 500g plus. Sure, you'll sell them fast at 50g because people will havea spasm when they see such a cheap price, but if your goal is to make money watch your market, understand your buyers, and price accordingly. On my server the only people that really seem to make it to the DMF section of the grind are those with very deep pockets and they tend to pay handsomely for cards.

    As for inks, for cards specifcally Ink of the Sea is useless. You'll be able to sell to people getting glyphs made so it can still be very profitable, but it's mostly a bust for cards. BUT you can do what I did. Scribes who are heavy in the glyph market want IotS but not Snowfall Ink. People making cards want Snowfall Ink but not IotS. Rather than pay the 10:1 ratio at the ink trader, find someone on your server that will trade you their Snowfall Ink for your IotS, at, say, 3:1 or 5:1. If your goal is to make cards, this will be the most cost efficient way.

    Anyways, just some thoughts about my favorite nice market. ^_^ Good luck!

    -Faid the Insane

  2. good read!

    as someone who has just completed this Feat of Strength. I agree that now is the time people are panicing and buying loads :D

    Tho some are also panicing and selling mats they have stocked up thinking they wont make it in time.


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