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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

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16 November 2010

Making gold - setup

The first thing you need is a Bank alt.  This is a low level toon that you create and run to your nearest capital city, near a bank and auction house.  Even if you are levelling your first toon you want one of these.  It's job is to post stuff on the auction house for you, and to hold bits and pieces you dont want to carry on your main toon.

It is possible to make gold with out any addons, but addons really do make it easier.  I generally use the curse client to download items.  Alternatively, you can download addons and manually install them in your Addons folder.  On my PC, the folder is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns.

An addon to price stuff  : Auctioneer primary website or curse. This is also a good all round posting addon too.

Crafters need two other addons:

  • Addon to tell you what you can learn (and where) : Ackis recipee list at WowAce or Curse.  Not only that, but you can open every recipee as a tradelink to see the components.
  • Addon to tell you what should sell for a profit : LilSparky's Workshop at WoWAce or Curse.  It does this by using pricing data from another addon like Auctioneer to get buy and sell values.
I will continue to post in this series on how I have made gold from each of the skills.  At one time or another I have had all the skills at 450.  I had previously dropped the gathering skills, but am using the time between now and Cata to level toons I wanted to have anyway, but put gathering skills on them.


  1. I think addons should always be manually installed; never use an executable or a client program to do it for you. Addons are limited in what they can do, but once you've started a program, your computer belongs to the people who coded it.

  2. Curse is a pretty reputable company now. I highly doubt (In fact I'm sure someone would have caught them by now) that the Curse client contains any malicious software.
    Every once in a while one of their websites will have some malicious code injected into the advertisements.
    It's not perfectly safe to run anything on your computer or even open a web browser. That doesn't mean you should never turn on your computer.

  3. The Curse client is a huge target for the WoW hackers, too. It's hardly difficult to install addons manually.

  4. My opinion is:
    * if you still use internet explorer, or are ever tardy in applying your computer's operating system updates; then use the curse client.
    * if you compile your own web browser on a custom OS; then manually install your addons, or better yet write your own.

    I have worked in IT since 94. Systems that are easy to upgrade are more secure than systems that you get directly from suppliers but require effort. If there is ever a security update, Curse prvodes an easy method to upgrade, while manually upgraded installations take effort that most users will not take.

    If someone wishes to hack one of the above addons, there would be very little (if any) additional protection by going directly to the source provider.

    As such I have provided direct links for those that care, and a curse link for the user with average IT literacy.


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