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26 July 2011

Some DMF trinkets still best in slot

There was some doom and gloom written about Darkmoon Faire trinkets shortly before patch 4.2.  This made me sit up and pay attention. Markets move en-mass, and often over react to new changes.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago, that I used Ask Mr Robot to determine what gem cuts players will be moving to.  However, gems were not the only thing I noticed.

Hurricane and Stones are poor cousins and not recommended as best for anyone, to be sold for whatever I can get.  All our trinket slots have become easier to fill, even for a player like me who has not had the valor points to purchase a single item at any point in Cata, (and I've only purchased a few Justice points items).  The average value of Hurricane and especially Stones are on a downward trend, to be bought by newly levelled toons who cant be bothered sorting out something better.

Darkmoon Card:Tsunami is still recommended as a Best in Slot trinket for Holy Priests (one of 5 healing specs).  This should be some demand, but probably not enough to soak up possible supply

Darkmoon Card:Volcano is still recommended as a Best in Slot trinket for most Caster DPS specs.
The average value of Darkmoon Card : Volcano should be on an upward trend, being the payoff for this phase of WoW.  The average player wealth pool has increased a lot with the firelands dailies.  Players have been to seeing big $$ spent on gear, and there is no reason not to charge it for Best in Slot.  And selling to DPS: How can it possibly go wrong?

I will talk about crafting cards and sourcing mats in a later post.  (I have an excitable commenter.  Don't worry, I'll also address his previous ... comments in that later post)

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