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25 July 2011

Contemplating leaving Blogger over Google+ account suspensions

From my post last night, you may guess that I am unhappy with Google+.  In essence - if you use an google profile that is an alias, and then use Google+, you lose all blogs, google docs, paid advertising, gmail attached to that profile, with little hope for recovery.

I am uncomfortable with the risk of hosting my blog on a platform that capriciously removes access.

I have put a lot of time into this blog, and some of you appreciate reading it.  However I am seriously contemplating moving away from Blogger.  While the risk was theoretical, I didn't care.  Now it has become for some (including one of Faid's profiles) real, it is time to re-evaluate the alternatives.

I recommend using an alias when writing blogs.  I don't recommend using Google under alias.  I therefore recommend that anyone starting a new blog should consider platforms other than Blogger.

This google hosted forum has reports for others with issues.

Moving has the following costs :
  • New domain name.  I will lose readers by the shift.
  • The time taken to do the shift.
  • Time taken learning a new platform.
I am publicly considering options.  This is my equivalent of a dummy-spit.  It does not mean that I will follow up - I think the 'costs' are significant, but I am contemplating it.

However, for those that have moved platforms (Annalias?); either WoW related or otherwise, how did you find the move?

What other blogging solutions would you, as either a reader or author, recommend?


  1. We have used a self hosted Wordpress platform from day one. It has a lot of customization and you don't really need to know any code since it's all visual editing, plugins, and drag&drop widgets. There's also a free blogger like version of Wordpress too at Wordpress.com but they don't allow any advertising. If you need a web host, we can give you a discount code, feel free to ask.

  2. Hi Foo,
    A Google VP has acknowledged they made a mistake and it will be corrected



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