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11 July 2011

Please disagree

This is an extension to my last two posts.

Critical Goblin posted a very detailed method that he thinks would own our glyph market: part camping, part very deep undercut.  I wrote my rebuttal, and Breevok issued a summary of his.

I no longer have the original comment, as it was deleted by Critical Goblin.  This is a pity.

Productive controversy on gold blogs is good.  This is productive controversy at it's best:
  • What worked? What failed?
  • Why did it work/fail?
  • What were the consequences?
  • What are the strengths of a strategy? What are it's weaknesses?
This is all very usefull information, for both novice and experienced player alike.

To be blunt - my Gold blogging has (at least) the following goals:
  • It is cathartic
  • It encourages us to formalise our thoughts, thinking rather than just feeling our way through the AH.
  • It provides information to others.
  • It is occasionally part of our AH war.
Breevok and I blog about the same AH.  Our competitors read it.  Neither of us have intentionally misrepresented facts.  Both of us have on occasions, ... selectivly interpreted them.
This type of controversy on websites is good.  It is good for our readership numbers.  It allows readers to not only see the 'what', but also the 'why'.  And readers love a good fight.

If you want more posts out of either Breevok or I, give us something to disagree with.  Both of us are uncomfortable sleeping when someone on the internet is wrong.

Regardless of whether you were right or wrong for this market, the method you outlined is a valid method of playing the AH.  Players should both know it, and the consequences of it - good and bad.  The AH does not have an I-WIN button.

So, I call on Critical Goblin to repost his comment.  I am very happy to put it here as a guest post.  I notice that Critical Goblin has his own blogspot site - with one post.  You could even put it on your own website, and I will link it.

I then call on other bloggers and commenters to respond; either on this website or on their own.  Comments linking to responses are very welcome.

PS.  Nerf Faids has recently been busy on his opposite faction's AH with glyphs, with him declaring war, then offering terms for a resolution.


  1. I appreciate the respect you show me Foo hence I am compelled to respond in like and at least provide you with an honest response.

    I admire the time, effort and skill it takes to regularly refresh a blog with useful and interesting posts. Because of this I abhor the reverse: blog posts with no value dressed up like a cheap corner side hooker. Hence the birth of Critical.

    The purpose in life for Critical was not to one day have a blog. It was also not to prove I have 1, 2 or 3 million gold. It was to provide honest, non-anonymous feedback with no sugar coating from one consistent reader. Hence you will see Critical posts here and there but never everywhere.

    Sharing a very workable, detailed and exact solution to the problem that literally all scribes face (yes i am referring to the 1cp undercut within 5mins problem) was something I spent about 4-5 hours preparing and fine tuning so you would understand each step and why. I almost not posted it, but you have in the past expressed your frustration and also your desire to tame the wild glyph beast hence against my better judgement I posted it up.

    Then without actually giving it a try you responded with proofs for failure while Breevok didnt even bother and just straight out used his reputation to shat on what I shared. Cleverly played, but shows his true character.

    My post was not deleted maliciously. The post was outside the purpose of this character as detailed above. I do not have a copy of it. You have my permission to reprint it if someone saved a copy.

    The only person's opinion of me that I care about is Breevok's and if he posts a post begging me to rewrite I may consider. At a cost of course. Which includes transferring to my server [insert random server here] and paying me 100,000g. Time is money as they say, and 4 hours of any goblin's time is not cheap.

    Readers ask yourself this question. Why are 2 professional bloggers hunting so hard for something that they 1 day ago literally shat on. Because they did not write it. And it did not come from a reputable source (in their opinion).

    In future Critical says think before you shit in your own sandbox. You are not better than the readers on your blog just because you are the author.


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