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06 July 2011

Selling Alabaster Pigment

This is one for newbie scribes to consider (and some levelling scribes can be unwise).  I don't usually sell pigments, only scribes can use them, and ink making scribes generally grind their own herbs, however ...

Alabaster pigment is made by milling starter level herbs (silverleaf, earthroot and peacebloom) which can generally be picked up for 2g/stack (or less); and at 2-3 pigments / 5 herbs, costs very roughly 3g /stack

This pigment can be used to make Moonglow ink (with some value for minor inscirption research), and Ivory ink.  In either instance, only levelling scribes creating vendor trash and those missing minor glyphs are really interested in these inks/pigment.

In a previous fit of 'must mill herbs', I milled multiple stacks into Alabaster pigment, got grumpy at milling 'uselessly' and dumped it all into bank storage. 

Recently, after staring at junk in storage (including these pigments), I put everthing I could onto a spare bank alt and walked upto the auctioneer and posted everyting for Auctioneer's market value.

After looking at this screen, the Silverleaf went for the value I expected.  The Alabaster Pigment blew me away. 
  • Why did I even think of posting at this price? (I didn't - just used the market price).  
  • Why did someone buy it? (They didn't care what it cost?  They didn't know to buy herbs? Ummm?  They need a cluestick?)
I am not moving into the pigment market, too few sell on an ongoing basis.  For levelling scribes, it is often cheaper to buy blackfallow inks and trade down than mill your own levelling herbs.

A level 10 toon could do this milling.  My first level 10 toon certainly did not have 16g to his name.

If you (or your guildies) find that you are milling herbs, try posting a few pigments on the way.

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