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17 July 2011

GDKP thoughts

My primary aim was to put together a pug and go and down some bosses that I had not seen yet.  In this aim, it was an unrivaled success.

I am used to crawling along; wiping on a new boss for nights before moving to the next boss.  As for me - one night of raiding generally is all I do for the week, getting boss kills takes a while.  Friday night, we downed 5 bosses;  in 3 hours; 4 of which I had never downed before.  Yes, the bosses have been nerfed by 30%, but the evening is far closer to what I hoped than what I feared (pity we didn't get that last boss down).  I normally extend raids looking for the next thing I can't do yet.  The last time I downed 5 in an evening was Trial of the Crusader.

The bidding was ... lackluster, and my guarantees (2k/boss) were called on.  This still meant a 10k pot.  No worries, I still ended up with new hat for cheaper than I would have paid to get crafted (if there was a suitable hat).  Most of us downed bosses.  The run was worth it.  The run was enjoyable in it's own right.

Several other players also seemed very happy with the run; some with the bosses and achievements, and others with the gold.

I ended up running with a mix of old friends and new associates, including a 'hired' raid leader. It was not my best night for healing; and it's a sad thing when you can look at the healing meters and say "Hmmm,  I want to do better.".  (I didnt heal as well as Breevok did on his horde GDKP run Friday night).  We had enough healing, and more than enough DPS. One of the best things for me was that our tank and acting raid leader also has a Holy Priest , and was able to provide tips.

Things I will do different next time:
  • I know I want raids completed rather than re-running content.  Acknowledging that the last boss is usually harder than the earlier ones; I am doubling the minimum guaranteed pot for the last boss of a raid to 4k.
  • I am paying 'bonus' gold to tanks; healers and raid leaders.  I intended this to be paid from the pot, but did not make this clear.

Next Friday I am extending the raid, starting at the only remaining boss : Nefarian.  Please read up on this boss.  I will split the pot immediately after him; We will then move onto another raid - most likely BoT.  I now have a permanent page for GDKP runs.

If you are interested in a spot, please in game mail foofixit, or leave a comment. 

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  1. Sigh... Transfer horde side already, it's where the parties at


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