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24 July 2011

Gold bloggers should NOT use google+

Imagine your blogger account being deleted just because your profile is an alias?

Lose your email? 
Lose your google docs - all those spreadsheats?

There are reports of Google deleting blogger and gmail accounts due to people using aliases on google+
I use an alias on this blog.  Most gold bloggers do.

I refer you to Google+ AUP
13. Display Name
To help fight spam and prevent fake profiles, use the name your friends, family or co-workers usually call you. For example, if your full legal name is Charles Jones Jr. but you normally use Chuck Jones or Junior Jones, either of those would be acceptable.

zdnet.com : google plus deleting accounts en masse no clear answers

Slashdot : Google Account Suspensions Over ToS Drawing Fire

I quit WoW over their linking real name to their forums before they reversed it.  I still won't use Real ID.  I will not use Google+.


  1. Agreed on all counts. Google has missed the target on this one, imo.

    Perhaps if we protest enough, they will see their error, as did Blizz.

  2. Great, thanks so much for this information. I'm having my own issue with Google, right after starting a legit Google+ with my IRL name they closed my whole account for "suspicious activity." Thanks for the heads up on this.

  3. I have heard that google will be implementing "Branded" accounts. There have already been a wave of banings of corps(Sesame Street and Mashable) using personal accounts as big business. There will be change down the road.

    Personally I just don't care if people know about me. The best thing to do in my eyes is to be careful would you put out on the internet in the first place.

    There is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace and any number of other routes people can go to see who you are and get your information. A little paranoia is a good thing, but don't throw it all on Google.

  4. Yah they are starting off as personal only..if you want to use an alias or represent yourself as a business...blog..etc you have to wait.

  5. I got an invite, but after reading how they would forcibly integrate all the Google products together (e.g. link your Gmail, Blogger profile, etc, with Google+ and without your permission), I lost all interest.

    Re: "Just be careful what you put online." When you Google my real name, I am the top 20 matches, and they include my address, phone number, etc, from various websites that I have no control over (e.g. White Pages). While the likelihood of some crazy-ass person tracking me down is small, what ISN'T small are the odds that someone who took offense at a post somewhere engaging in some minor (or major) harassment, just like what happened to the Blues during the RealID fiasco.

  6. @Athmet

    (A) I have made a choice about what I will put online about myself. I am happy to write this blog under an alias. Foo is a known entity via this blog and in-game. I would *not* write this blog under my real name.

    (B) I don't use Facebook (privacy), Twitter (relevance), or MySpace(someone still knows wht this is?). I had contemplated using google+, but now will not.

  7. I know Google has asked people to wait for the public profiles. They probably don't allow you to post as Foo YET.

    There were a few multi-billion dollar companies that tried to make a google profile and they were removed because they couldn't follow instructions. I think google is trying to start it as a person to person, not a person to marketer relationship.

  8. @Abeni

    I am unusual in that I generally read Terms of Use (ToU) before using a service. However I think that even I would have risked my blog and gmail account by using Google+ without having the risk pointed out to me - As did Faid on her 'real life' profile.

    I have no problems with Google deciding that Google+ is only for identifiable real life people, and suspending Google+ participation for those that do not appear.

    The Terms of use for google profiles do *NOT* require real life identification. I have problems with a ToU that for points 1-12 look just like every other google product ToU, but point 13 has a 'real life identifier' condition added.

    I have even larger problems that by unwittingly breaching this condition, you then have your blog, gmail, google docs paid advertising access revoked. I have used all of these services. You make your account vunerable when you link an alias profile to Google+.

  9. Here is a G+ post I made on me switching my "fluxdada" G+ account over to my real name.

    "After reading about Google banning Google+ accounts en mass due to "naming issues" I'm using my real name (with nickname) on this Google+ account. As much as I don't agree with Googles choice I can't risk being "locked out" of all the Google services I use this Google account for (YouTube, Gmail, etc) over not using my real name. Hopefully Google will make proper controls to allow pseudonymous names on Google+ at some point."


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