18 July 2011

Gold Blog Networks

I have a pet project at network.phase3profit.net.  This is a list of gold blog post for those that don't have (or can't be bothered updating) a feed reader.

It's current incarnation is signficantly influenced by the blog list at PW: Gold

It gathers the recent posts from (currently) 38 different blogs; in essence a glorified blog.  It is a good place to send wannabee goblins.


  1. Absolutely love it - will quickly be added to my favourites and I will write about it in an upcoming blog to support it Foo.

    Auction House Accountant Clint

  2. Social media has only just taken of in the mainstream and Facebook is just one of the first big trendsSocialkik . Google has many more strings to its bow, it IS sort of worrying when you look at the kind of data that Google seems to want to collect about the people of the planet, my guess is that Google is an alien overlord priming us all for eons of interplanetary slavery.


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