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21 July 2011

Enchanting mats & ore shuffles

I don't normally do much with my enchanting.  I've been 'slack'.

However, after picking up a set of 378 bracers to replace my 333 ones for my healer; at the 'bargain' price of 20k (meh - it's what I get gold for), I went to purchase a wrist enchant of the AH; for the bargain price of 1.7k.

Umm.  Mats prices are less than that; I'm sure of it.  Nope : they have gone through the roof.

Ok; get something to disenchant.  Someone beat me to it.  I have never seen the AH have so few greens.

Ok.  I'm a JC, surely I can do something with that.  Yup.  Uncut common gems in the bank.  Elementium ore is through the roof, but Pyrite ore and Obsidium ore are OK (not cheap but OK).

I could have done better at this preparation.  I read enough blogs.  Breevok told us to (and is now gloating - with justification).

I also should look at enchanting as my next profession to properly set up.  But Later.

There looks to be gold in the ore shuffle and enchanting scrolls to be made.  I'll tinker in the enchanting market but won't make waves.  At least not just yet anyway.

PS.  LFM Gold bid run Friday 8:30 pm server.  Currently short 1 tank and a few DPS.


  1. Enchanting scrolls are item, your crafting window is a spell as I understand it, there is some disparity to manage them... I made a system for a couple hundred K over a few months that worked well.

    check back in my blog for the post(s)
    craft one into storage... use that for inventory assessment. never sell it. W/ arkinventory or similar addons, you mouse over it and it tells you how many you have in the AH and mail bank and bags... use that info to determine how many you want to craft, I started w/ posting 2 each of everything and adjustend numbers up and down. for each posting

    so it requires some storage space... :-)
    basically go run a full (i was using ZA) cancel -> collect mail -> post canceled auctions -> review items in storage for how many more to craft, craft and post then rinse and repeat and your prefered frequency...

  2. Or just use TSM and don't worry about assessing inventory. Once you have it setup it'll do all that for you automatically.

  3. For inventory management that includes what you have on the AH, I use KTQ + Altaholic. This works very well with seperately crafting horde and alliance glyphs

    I believe that TSM also handles this well, but I am not sure about deliberatly excluding one toon. One day I will probably swap more skills over to TSM. Today is not that day.

    As far as storage goes, no problems. I already have a bank alt dedicated to enchanting; even though he doesnt get used much.

    Enchanting is on my todo list; but at the moment, I am struggling to find time to fit in First Life; Glyphs * 2 AH's; Gems * 1 AH; JC dailies; Firelands Dailies * 1 toon and raiding once/week.


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