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13 July 2011

What does blizzard have against crafting alts?

Cold was bemoaning his ability to get all of his crafting alts through his firelands dailies, with claim that Blizzard hates us altaholics.

Breevok has abandoned some alts to concentrate on just a couple.

As for me?  Since when do I have time for dailies?  I barely even have time to post auctions.

We have a set of professions that have newly gated recipes. Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Engineering, Tailoring.  The 4 professions that between them have 8 crafted items that players want to buy.  And as an aside, 4 profesions that traditionally have not already required some form of gating.

If there was no gold reward; on what toon do you most need to do the fireland dailies anyway?  Go do the daily on that toon.  It does have two maxed tradeskill professions?

Now, we know there is a gold reward for crafters who get their patterns/recipes first.  If you are time constrained; concentrate on the toon(s) that you think will give you the most gold for the time you are prepared to invest.

Blizzard are giving us an entry cost to the peak levels of some professions.  The correct question may be instead "Why would Blizzard do anything else?"

Also, consider that the glyphs that I have that sell for the most are the glyps that have the highest entry costs.

This is the market, we have stability and a reasonably accessible known framework.  This is all a gold-maker needs.

PS.  Still calling on toons for this Friday's GDKP run


  1. Completely agree. We should be grateful that it isn't easy to get all the patterns, because adversity creates opportunity. In this case, gold-making opportunity.

  2. Exactly correct... the easier it is to achieve something, the less it is valued... and in this case, the more competitors it would create cause everyone would be jumping in to get them. Since this takes 30 days min to get the first patterns, that will weed out the semi-serious.

    That being said, I am NOT shooting to get their on the first da avail. In fact, I've already failed on that reguard... I have other RL priorities right now that trump fake gold - but I am working the dailies on most days to get there. I think I'm 2 days away from unlocking the first group in Phase 2.

  3. Running dailies on all your alts isn't playing a game, it's feeding a compulsion.

  4. My main competition on my server has one level 85 who posts all his auctions with several 75s who do the majority of his crafting. I think the acquisition of certain patterns by running these Firelands dailies is somewhat justified.

    Players who actually enjoy playing their characters will be rewarded when they do the required number of dailies to unlock the vendors, while those who took the quick approach is left behind. A good goblin would have planned ahead, so this is a good way to keep the scum out.

  5. I think it was Kalliope who pointed out these are raid-level patterns received without raiding. I have four 85s with my professions; my eng is 75, but thankfully my bs/tailor is on a single toon, so I only have to run it twice, plus once with my (jc/alch) raiding toon.

    I couldn't have done ICC, ToC, or Naxx with these toons in WotLK, and I won't be doing Firelands or even BoT with them now. But I can do dailies with them.

    I like the fact that, if I'm willing to put in (nonraiding) time, I can get the patterns with these alts.

    My GM thinks they should be BoA but...I'm back and forth. Would be easier on me - but easier on everyone else, too. I think I like it.

    Although as I log in for the third run, I rather hate it.


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