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16 July 2011

Only rich alts get Northrend epic gems

I have been selling Northrend Epic gems, for very large markups.  I am going to have to find additional sources of raw gems, because the AH is not keeping up.

I had convinced myself that only rich alts were buying these gems, as the cata rare gems essentially require cata gear, in turn (mostly) requiring level 80.

I looked at beancounter to determine who was using my gems
  • A level 70 toon that has my epic gems equipped.  Fantastic choice.
  • A level 85 toon that had cata rares equipped.  Let's assume he sent the gems to an alt - fair enough.
  • A level 84 toon with a mix of blue and green cata gear.  Umm.  Maybe a newbie.  I may have to in-game mail this toon.
  • A level 85, wearing 365 and even 384 gear; mostly PVP.  Equipping Northrend Epic gems.  Don't be this guy.  Just don't.
For the record, the stats are (mostly)

  • +40 for Cata rare gems
  • +30 for Cata uncommon gems
  • +20 for Northrend epic gems
  • +16 for Northrend rare gems
As of this post, our most expensive Cata gem (110g) is selling for less than the cheapest Northrend Epic gem (120g).  If you can wear a Cata gem, there is no reason to wear a Northrend one.

However it looks like some players see purple and think it must be great.  It is impolite to use the word for these players on a public blog.

Names have been withheld to protect the guilty

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  1. I have been burning my surplus JP and HP on epic northrend gems. You can get them for 220 JP or 165 HP. Thats a conversion rate for JP around 1 JP = 1 gold (on my realm at least).
    Besiden that there's always icy prisms which has no cooldown now.


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