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02 July 2011

Gems - followup

Several bloggers have been posting about the joy of Northrend gems lately, and even this post is a followup.

I have many Cata recipees, but not all.  I post all cata rare & northrend epic recipees that I have, and tinker with northrend rares, providing I am satisfied with the thresholds. 

At the moment - I generally only post once / day.  I am currently very easy to undercut.  Historically I have used exceptionally deep undercuts to protect my markets.  At the moment I am either choosing my market, or choosing the time of day that I post, and making reasonable profits. 

Breevok probably finds my irregular just before work glyph postings a little annoying.  He would find it a whole lot more annoying if I could reliably get out of bed earlier.  As a consolation prize, at least I am not deep undercutting the market with very cheap 48 hour glyphs.

However today is about gems.  I really expected that the new firelands raids would be creating a ton of gear needing gems and people would leave off their alts and the cata market would fall off.

Speculation aside, I made sure I still had all my gems up on the AH, but did increase my stockpiles of cata gems and let my stockpile of Northrend gems run low.  It appears that for my playstyle this was the wrong call.

My effort for JC currently consists of, up to once per day.
  • Log on to gem posting toon, collect mail, log off
  • Log onto JC, do daily, craft gems, mail gems to posting toon
  • Log back onto gem posting toon, collect mail, post gems
  • Consider logging onto alchemist and transmuting something.
Another player in the Northrend JC market (who sometimes reads my blog, and I raid with - at least as often as I raid) thanked me for resetting the market back to 300g (was much lower).  It was not deliberate, I just could not be bothered trying hard to find gems, so raised my margins instead.  For the effort I put into this market, I am happy with the northrend market - and am mildly concerned for the cata market.

PS.  Northend epics are stacking when I craft them, but Cata (edit) rares are not.  Bizzare


  1. Those are beautiful NR gem sales. Personally I vacated the market on purpose to come back later... maybe now's the time. However, my Cata sales are going well. I decided to change my post times (used to be when the daily comes about and now several hours later) and that has been a big 'defining' action. I was initially concerned with 5 campers but the demand is so high that I can now ignore them. What do I pull each time? 4k tops and usually average 3k. Not a killing like some folks have but I like to play/raid as well so I guess I could be classified as semi-casual AH. JC is at 175k and climbing even though he has spent several thousand for guild or mats for others. I did notice your craft and send to poster comment. Personally, I feel you should do as me and post with the JC and not bother with the sending to poster boy.

  2. The not auto stacking is very very annoying!


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