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23 July 2011

GDKP night 2

BWD (extended) : Nefarian down with Healthy bidding.
BoT (fresh) :
  • Halfus down one shot, sharded loot
  • Twilight Enclave one shot, OK bidding + BOE drop healthy bidding
  • Sanctum of the ascended down, OK bidding.
  • Cho'gall wipefest
A total pot of 15k for the evening.

In detail

Given required raid compositions (and I am more flexible than many), I will then prefer to take toons that have accepted ahead of time.  I also make an effort to organise healers and tanks ahead of time.

We had other toons that were tentative accept at the last moment - No probs.  Tentatives means you are interested but won't commit.  Thats OK, I'm interested in you coming (hence the invite) but I didn't commit by sending an invite.

We had other toons that previously accepted the calendar invite but didn't turn up; and had to be chased up.  Grrr.  If you accept, show up (or send apologies).  While I don't have real id, I do read in game mail, and I do have this blog.
 We had a couple of newbies to raiding on very undergeared toons.  That's actually OK - we had a few overgeared ones too.  The undergeared bid on loot - possibly assisted by one of their guild's officers (not me).  I'm hapy with that.

At one point we wiped on Nefarian with less than 1% health.  To be honest I love attempts like that (both the 1% win and the 1% loss).  However during the recovery I scanned gear.  Even some of the boosters had a missing enchant.  Some of the undergeared had way too much missing.  I don't mind you being 'cheap' and not getting the best enchants, gems or reforges, or occasionally forgetting the odd item.  Not making an effort makes for a grumpy Foo.  Battlenet provides you with a view that shows you what you are missing (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/caelestrasz/Foofixit/advanced), as does Ask Mr Robot (http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/usa/caelestrasz/foofixit#v1 - and yes I could do a little more reforging as of writing this post.)  Making an attempt at gemming, enchanting and reforging turns a 1% wipe into a 1% win.

As for BoT, I just healed.  Failed at some of my assignments, and it only really mattered on Chogall.  While I like putting together the strategy on some fights, I find I am just as happy running with others leading.

No matter; starting at Chogall next week.

If you are looking for an invite, rules, including what/where/who are on this page

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