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12 July 2011

GDPK BWD Fri 15 July Alliance Caelestrasz 8:30 pm server 10man

With the exception of AH activities, I appear to be considered a very casual raider.  (What's wrong with raiding nearly once per week anyway?).

Historically, I have run with a rotating cast of casuals. We had downed the first boss of every raid, but didn't progress much further.

I want to see more bosses.  I care less than most about purple shinies.  I have gold.  I am too casual for a raiding guild.  I talk about gold too much for a social guild.

Gold bid runs are a solution.  (i.e. instead of /roll or arbitrary prioritisation system, you bid on loot).  It is good for wealthy casuals - we see bosses and possibly loot.  It is good for the rest - they get gold (and possibly bosses

As a pot:
  • 2000 g guaranteed pool per boss downed.
  • Loot can be claimed at first breaks after 10pm & 11:30pm server.
  • 200g guaranteed to each tank or healer active @ 10pm server.
  • 300g guaranteed to each tank or healer active @ 11:30pm server.
  • No minimum bid.  (That said, if I am providing a guaranteed pot, I will likely do so via a bid even if I end up vendoring something.)
  • You have the gear to queue for heroics.
  • You are gemmed and enchanted.  (I will use Bimbo to check)
  • I have a published raid ettiquette.  You don't need to read it, but you will be bound by it.
  • You have vent and will at least listen in.

If this interests you, please in-game mail Foofixit on Alliance Caelestrasz, or leave a comment.

PS.  As my preffered writer has declined, I will address two items in upcoming articles
  • Self censorship
  • 'that deep undercut comment'.
PPS. G'day to Weatbicks (hopfully I spelled it correctly) on Horde Caelestrasz.  Great to receive your in game mail.  Yes, Foostrait (Foo's traitor) is my toon.


  1. It's not a bad idea, but I think the question would be..."Who's raid leading?" I know that normal raids have been nerfed to allow more casuals to see content. And I support this greatly. But Cael didn't have the strongest pug base to get very far into ICC even with the 30% buff. So if you are capable to raid lead it, then you will have a very popular weekly thing going. If not, find yourself a raid leader. Cheers.

    Just some green-haired gnome.

  2. Ah I presumed it was Foostrait as in Frustrate with foo in it. This run sounds like something I would find interesting, its a shame my maxed toons are Horde!

  3. count nexium in there foo :-)

  4. Failing someone else to lead, I will. I will throw a negotiable amount of gold at a leader with experience in GDKP and BWD.

    I happen to know of a player that (A) reads this blog, and (B) I would be willing to throw gold at, and (C) has publically stated a like of GDKP runs. However the server went down tonight before I could login and send a request via in-game mail.

    Failing that, 30% nerf to dungeon, and a willingness to throw gold at it, I hope to solve the problem one way or another.

    As a very late starter to the ICC raids ( I didnt even start until there was a very significant buff), I still managed to build semi-regular Pugs up to Lich King. (Got him down to 20%? 25%? on the first night we met him - pity that it was 2 days before Cata was released).

  5. More than happy to help out and tank it on my warrior. (or dps) can also raid lead it.
    - Logbo, Distortion.

  6. Thanks Logbo - See you by 8:30 tonight, most likely as tank.

    Still looking for 1 tank, and 4 DPS, though I am flexible on makeup.


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